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"Urfaust is an occult audial vessel of delirious madness that was invoked in 1999. Ranging from Cruel Black Metal Ambient to Bombastic Drone Rituals, to minimalistic low-fi Black Magick: Urfaust does it all.. Over the years Urfaust have recorded different releases on vinyl, tape, cd and cloth..."

Urfaust ‘Der freiwillige Bettler’, your latest album has almost 46 minutes playing time, the new Ep ‘Apparitions’ is almost 44 minutes, why is EP and not an album?

VRDRBR: Because we felt this was an EP and we didn’t want people to think this would be our next full length album…. When we recorded these songs, they where intentionally recorded for several splits, but along the night came, along the booze flowed, the more we felt that this belongs to one big EP! This “apparitions” should stand on it’s own…

You have the same line-up from the beginning, are you friends? Better to be just 2 in a band than 4, or 5?

VRDRBR: Yeah, we have been friends for over 16 years now… this is not just “band-mate” stuff, this is real friendship…

Don’t you think to bring some old friends to the live line-up to have better sound?

VRDRBR: No, we’ve tried out and we got plenty of friends who are willing to help us out live, but at this point we have no interest: it works, so why change it?

What about the lyrics? I heard some rumors that you have no concrete lyrics just some random stuff like on the first Obituary albums?

VRDRBR: The funny thing is everyone asks for our lyrics and there are so many stories about them, that, once we decided to print them in our latest full length, people are still not satisfied: people always want to make up their own stories, so we just let them….

Can you tell us a little about the recording process behind the latest albums. How you go about creating an Urfaust song?

VRDRBR: It went on quite spontaneous in the Kindertranen Studio, owned by Herr Deportator: We just went with the flow and with the ideas we had, but once we where recording, we just followed the Ritual and wanted to find out where the path was taking us…

What kind of instruments & equipment do you use for recording Urfaust songs?

VRDRBR: Mostly broken and old equipment: we just grab whatever we have or can borrow or use… we use a couple of old synthesizers, some guitars, some effect petals, some drums and see where it comes: mostly old, broken, vintage stuff, sounds like crap to most, but for us, it sounds magical: nothing sounds better than a cymbal with some tears or cuts out of it: it gives the extra nastiness that works for us…

What is your inspiration when composing new music?

VRDRBR: it can be anything and everything: everyday life struggle, some books, a movie, a hike we just ook…anything goes…

What is your philosophy?

VRDRBR: about what?

You play only in festivals or special club concerts, why do not interested to doing tours?

VRDRBR: Performing a Ritual with Urfaust is very intense and in the past we did some minitours of a weekend maximum, because it is so exhausting… besides that; we do not want to perform to much, to keep it interesting for ourselves and enjoyable… besides: there is more in life than Urfaust and we haven’t got much time…

Are you planning to make a full length album with Dutch lyrics only?


How did the unique vocal style come from, what kind of effects do you using?

VRDRBR: IX has been singing his whole life; be it singing along to Iron Maiden as a child, to singing along drunken in bars of the music that was playing… no effects, just sing your lungs out…

Urfaust’s artworks are high class art. Please let me know your favorite Urfaust artwork. Who is your favorite artist to collaborate with when it comes to shirt designs and album covers?

VRDRBR: we have various artist we work with: ThornyThoughts Artwork, Tony R or Karmazid to name a few… Each of these incredibly gifted artist have their own style and this is why I choose them for a certain Ritual or Release… I do not have a favorite one, since they are all great and in different styles, but the ones that really stand out, is the cover of our latest ep “apparitions”, made by ThornyThoughts Artwork: it stands out because it is so colorful and this is something we normally do not have… also, wat is pretty amazing about it, is that normally ThornyThoughts Artwork uses pen or engraving techniques to make her artwork, this time she choose oil on canvas!

What about with Urfaust merchandise? You have lots of different patches, T Shirts made by your own. It’s important to have so different style merch?

VRDRBR: it is all released in very limited releases and we do not like to repress: overall it is not as much as people think (again; people easily make up their own assumptions) and I know bands who have released way and way more merch than we have, but for some reason no one is talking about those…

I really enjoyed your split 7” Ep with King Dude. How did you got in touch with Dude and please share some nice stories about the recording process.

VRDRBR: the first time I was introduced to King Dudes music, it was through a friend: it got recommended to me and I was blown away: I wrote him to buy all the stuff out of him, or do a trade: we ended up writing a lot and trading a lot of music and that’s how our friendship came to blossom! We ended up doing this split and playing a few shows together and hanging out whenever he is in Europe… For a lot of people this split came to a surprise, since people thought the music would not fit and it is a weird combo; but for us it makes perfect sense!!!

Can we expect any new album in the near future?

VRDRBR: we have plans to do some new recordings, but the first new release that will be done is a split 7” with our Belgian brothers of LUGUBRUM! It will be released this summer via Ván Records on BROWN vinyl!!!

What is the current situation with Gauhaert? Ygwaet Gwyr Gwynn Novi was a great album, do you have plans for the new album, or a re-release of this long time unavailable album?

VRDRBR: to be honest, I think this band is dead, but I have no idea; it was a short-lived drunken recording / jamsession of IX and one of his friends… I doubt it will ever have a second album…

Recommend some great Dutch beers and some strong drinks!

VRDRBR: every beer lover should drink beer from Brouwerij de Molen: everything of them is amazingly tasty! as for liquor: try the Dutch 5 year old single barrel Korenwijn by Zuiddam: it is so fucking good!!!!

Thank you for your time!

Thank you for the questions and for the support! we hope to see some of you maniacs somewhere during one of our Rituals!!!! Remember: GEIST IST TEUFEL!!!

by Mirgilus, 2015 April