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Tribulation - The Children Of The Night

Tribulation - The Children Of The Night (Century Media, 2015)

The first two Tribulation albums were just ok releases, I really enjoyed especially the debut (The Horror) a ferocious death metal attack the second album “The Formulas Of Death” also had some great moments and what’s happened then?

I really don’t like videos, but this time I saw their video for the “Strange Gateways Beckon” song and I was shocked, seriously, what the hell happened with this death metal band? Some 70’s organ intro and the song is just a cliché mountain. Smoke, purple, the guitarists dancing like some ladyboys and the singer looks like a pseudo The Cure imitator, come on.

Let’s see the whole album: this guys just changed their style for success, trends, more pussies or what? (they will explain in interviews that the change is just evolution, natural progress bla bla) So, the first track is just like an intro, not a real song, the second one “Melancholia” is a real The Devil’s Blood rip-off track with Reinkaos era Dissection vocals. The formula is very simple, they just cut of the best parts from The Devil’s Blood songs and mixed with some Dissection parts and the result is what we hearing on “The Children of the Night” album, we have here some other Swedish melodic black-death metal influences as well with some 70’s hard rock stuff.

The sound is powerful, the guys playing fine on their instruments without any deep feeling, not real depths just catchy guitar riffs, melodies, generally known riffs, themes over and over again. The most irritating song is the rocking anthem “The Motherhood of God”. Nothing new here just the Swedish formula a la In Solitude and Watain. The last song title is very talkative: “Music from the Other” (bands) the whole album is music from the other releases, bands, I got it. So, we have no In Solitude, The Devil’s Blood (the only one true “retro” band from the scene), Beastmilk just turned to Grave Pleasures and for the fans we have from now Tribulation, the new force of metal, the innovative and avant-garde for the metal scientists!

I wish to Tribulation good luck, great commercial success, lots of pussies, I’ll see the album on every top metal lists of 2015, etc, etc. This album is fine for the new comers, for young metal heads, for me is this just a surface scratch, I prefer the real horror, the real depths, so I remain with Abysmal Grief, Denial of God and so on.

rating: 3/10

by Mirgilus

2015 April