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The last known recording from Martin Eric Ain

In 2017, Martin Eric Ain, bassist of the pioneer bands Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, joined Swiss avant-garde / classical composer Balz Trümpy and his son Samuel Trümpy to contribute to a record.

After the first recording session Martin Eric Ain sadly passed away on October 21, 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. „Der Dorn“ is the last known recording from Martin Eric Ain. Balz Trümpy‘s „Der Dorn“ is now available as a limited edition 7 inch (222 pieces). One 7" costs 10CHF (shipping not included / 5CHF goes to the nonprofit organization „Borneo Orangutan Survival Schweiz“, an organization Martin was very close to). 

If you are interested in buying this limited piece of wax you can email for more informations.