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Finnish lo-fi experimental black metal. Low-fi garage apocalyptic music when Sonic Youth jamming with Circle Of Ouroborus in acid melancholy somewhere in a deep forest under the sharp eyes of David Lynch. One of the most strange & unusual music from far North.

Hail Sakari Piisti! Let we start with a general presentation of Suruni. Why Suruni? And what is the meaning of this name?

-Suruni is a Finnish word and means simply “My Sorrow”. First it was only name of some demo I recorded with guitar. Name of some melancholy melody I played. I thought my music will be much slower and depressed, so that’s why the name remained. Now that name is part of me and it fits the whole concept.

What kind of equipment do you have, how can we imagine a Suruni “rehearsal”?

-I have couple of guitars and amps, but I don`t think it is necessary to specify what I have. I do not play instruments daily. When something good enough start to come out of amplifier, I record it immediately.  I always want to leave much space for improvisation and fresh ideas. I have no clean vision how some song will end, or what I will record next. If the idea comes of using flute, I purchase a flute and test it how works. It doesn`t matter have I ever played flute before.

Do you play in other bands or Suruni is the one and only musical interpretation of your ideas?

-We had a deadline on first of March with one person who is not worth of mention. I spend a lot of time and energy for our project; he just talked about it and lied to me. So, now I remember why I started to do this by myself at a first place. 

Your first release was the “Antropomorfism” MCD back in 2012, a 5 tracks mini album with a very strange cover art, please tell us all the necessary information about this release. Did you released demos, or this is the only released material of Suruni?

-I keep a little notebook with me where are some drawings, poems, etc. Then I found so called “Bucket List” which I have made. The things you want to do before you die! So I bought a recorder and started to actualize that list.

-One guy I met twenty years ago let me use their rehearsal room in a summer of 2012. I slammed drums about half hour and that’s it. With the same guy we had a band when we were kids, but our paths split up for years. Me and my wife rented a house where he moved away a year ago, so now I have space for drums. He is one of few persons I can trust, and maybe we will play again together someday.

-Name for that EP is Anthropomorphisms in English and it means when people start to treat animals as humans. EP contains a bigger ideology of human and nature relationship, but I`m not so pleased it nowadays. Every track of the record includes animal voices, except the first one. And those voices were just captured on tape without any trying. In general humans should understand that we are part of the nature. Quit unnecessary killing of animals and plants is a good point to start. Cover art is simply fucking against many bands those preach for human supernal and egoism. Front cover is like I asked but the rest of the art in that record the artist did after listening that record.

Your music is the most unusual, uncategorized music which I heard in the last few years, please tell me your inspirations, favorite artists, music style, etc

-Of course change of seasons has a huge impact on mine feelings, but one of most inspiring thing to me is so called mainstream. Music, movies and commercial we have to see. I try to avoid those unhealthy elements, but it`s not always that easy. Everything is so smooth and plastic. Life is no perfect! So, how my music could be? The feeling is the thing for me to do music. If I record three minutes take, and it contains right touch, but some tempo details, I don`t mind. If you are listening MTV all- day long, it is sure that Suruni will sounds clumsy or un-professional. It might be some bass sound for example that makes some song works.  So called studio record is always a document as a live album as far! If I have to mention influences Finnish band called Kingston Wall is most important to me. Mostly I listen a Finnish black metal.

Your first album “Ikuus” will be released in few days through the Transylvanian label Sun & Moon Records. Tell us all the back ground info about this album.

-First I meant to do one, cassette, record only. Antropomorfism was not enough for me so I started to record more. Ikuus is an album I like to listen. I personally get rid of those songs and if someone else gets something for Suruni it`s only a positive aspect. I am almost 30 years old, so I hope an album sounds a lot of what I have been living through.

How got in touch with Sun & Moon Records, for how many albums did you signed? What do you expect from this cooperation?

-I Have couple albums which Sun & Moon has released. When I took first thirty copies of that EP I thought if someone will understand this record, it will be those guys. And I was happily surprised when they were ready to distribute that record. Later local record shop took few copies and I am pleased that someone can actually buy my music! Sun & Moon was not so sure at all to release this long play, but they have been asking for material already. So, I think we will release at least one album more.

Sun & Moon Records statement: “Debut album of this Finnish lo-fi experimental black metal band. Low-fi garage apocalyptic music when Sonic Youth jamming with Circle Of Ouroborus in acid melancholy somewhere in a deep forest under the sharp eyes of David Lynch. One of the most strange & unusual release of Sun & Moon Records. 8 tracks in nice 4 panel digipack, limited to 500 copies only!” what do you think about this presentation? Please comment:

-I can only say that you have to describe the new artist somehow. And that description truly fits to Suruni.

Tell me something about the cover painting & artwork.

-It was last autumn I painted with acrylic colors few days. I listened those tracks and that’s how it sounds for me. When I was a kid I spend a lot of time with drawing. I like painting but nowadays it is more abstract. Just spreading paint without any plans. 

Your music describe, represent  for me the so called Scandinavian melancholy & misanthropy, what do you think about? I will give you 5 words and you just have to comment what is the first thing that comes to your mind:

Finland   - Flag

Estrangement  - I am

Misanthropy  - Have we met before?

Nature - Around

Kuolema - Word

If you will have a chance to make a special split/collaboration release, with which band, artist do you collaborate and why?

-I asked band called Flegeton Valve to do a split record. He said no, and I haven`t think that opportunity anymore. David Firth I have to ask to do with some collaboration he hasn`t answer yet. I love that world he has created to Salad Fingers. It`s hilarious!    

Please tell us your future plans with Suruni

-I did some recordings last today. I told my wife that the next album is the last one, but she didn`t believed. Probably she`s right. She usually is.

Thanx for your time,

By Mirgilus, 2014 March