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Selbst - exclusive song streaming from the first album!

Without any big words, this is one of the best black metal albums of 2017!

No hooded black metal imitators, no liturgical orthodox harlequinade, just brilliant black metal in it's purest form, 6 well written & arranged songs full with great riffs, fantastic tunes & remarkable solos from beyond.

Selbst started in Venezuela in 2010 by N, relocated one year ago in Chile.

After the brilliant "Veritas Filia Temporis" demo cassette, Selbst released 2 split albums and signed a record deal with the Transylvanian Sun & Moon Records. Their first collaboration was the critically acclaimed MCD called "An Ominous Landscape" in the end of 2015.

After this release the original singer Frozen left the band and was replaced by N. Onfray from the chilean giant Animus Mortis.

Ladies & Gentlemen we have the chance to streaming exclusively one new song from this brilliant debut album, called simply just "Selbst".

Debut album will be available on elegant digipack CD with 12 pages booklet from 5th June, worlwide by Sun & Moon Records!

Official lyrics video once again by the talented video production company The Black Shape Of Light!