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Satanic Supplicia - Devotio

Satanic Supplicia - Devotio 7” EP (Necroterror Records, 2014)

Satanic Supplicia is a project from Cyprus, two of the members being from Greece, The One (The One - bass), Acherontas (Gionata Potenti - drums) and Necrosadist (Dictator - guitar) members with Chris Magos from Necroterror Records at the vocals.

The EP contains two songs, the first “Orkoc ciopic” meaning something like vow of silence starts with a short intro and then unleashes a fast and pulsating black metal, very precise playing, it's obvious, the members are all good musicians. Not much influence from the main bands though, maybe a little from The One but even this reduces to the misty and mysterious atmosphere. It's a good song, the refrain is interesting but the second song is what makes this EP really special. Slow and painful “There is No Light” somehow completes the first song and brings us a to a slow death. Very well played song with good guitar themes, a nice end for this short material.

All in all the end result is good, the more I listen to it the more I like it, very good start for this project, hopefully an LP will soon follow from these Hellenic demons. Buy Devotio from Necroterror Rex and if you are not familiar with the other bands mentioned here, stare deep into the Hellenic abyss and it will stare back at you!!!

By W666

October, 2014

Rating: 8/10