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Czech Epic Black Metal legend will play second time in Romania this year. Root concert again in Bucharest @ 1st of April, yes this is not a joke! Please welcome Igor Hubík for some news about the band and other stories.

Your first album with Root was the “Black Seal” album back in 2001. How did you see this album from today's perspective, some people considering the best Root record ever?

Your're right. I love this album still, that's all what I simply say about „Black Seal”. We heard many times about all ROOT's records that just „this one” is the best in the discography of the band. Whether it's „Zjevení” or „The Book” for example.

What's the current news with the band? This year will be the 30th year of the bands existence. How will be celebrate this great anniversary?

We celebrate this special jubileum every day this year man! It's really a big thing and there will be some more special shows to celebrate it also with ROOT fans. Three decades, it's pretty great!

“Into the Dark Crypts” is an immense release with 13 cassettes, any plans to be released on vinyl?

Probably not because all ROOT albums are available on the vinyl and another re-issues will appear again. Actually there are fresh re-releases of “Hell Symphony” and “Madness of the Graves” LPs. It was not the same with cassettes so it was that right reason to release this special box. People love it and we are quite surprised how many fans buy this MC box.

The new album “Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion” continue the story begun in 1996 release under a similar yet shorter title, "Kärgeräs", please tell us all necessary info about the story.

The story is a part of CD's and LP's booklet. There's an article about the story inside as well as all lyrics. Just listen to the album and read – perfect relax.

Root was compared with Venom & Bathory always, if you need to choose, which one is the best: Venom, or Bathory?

Wow, I like both but ROOT doesn't sound like these bands anyway. If not anything else, ROOT's vocalist sings totally different from singers of Venom or Bathory, what do you think? Also the music is different.

In 2014 you played in Bucharest @ Old Grave Fest 3rd edition. Do you have some nice stories about this gig/weekend? If I remember well that was a very powerful concert.

The one of special ones for sure! It was great weekend and the band's photo in front of the legendary Palace is a great memory of this visit! Also, short video documentary from our trip is available on youtube.

You will play again in Romania 1st April, any chance for a special set for the 30th anniversary?

Working on the new playlist so I can say yes, there will be some new and some older songs played out during this night.

The 3 best things to be Czech and of course the 3 worse things:

I can read Czech language which I like really. The same is with Czech movies or songs. Another things are Czech nature and Czech girls. Three worse things in Czech Republic? Politics, consuming life-style and slowly disappearing parts national culture.

What's the current situation with your record label “Lava Productions”? Is still active, any new releases in the near future?

It's not active fore many years anymore. There was never a plan to build a big record label, it was just a part of my activities around the music. But I like all Lava's releases and it was fine experience connected with the metal business.

How looks like the song writing process now in Root? Who is the main composer? How often you practice?

The new album was created by all members. We recorded the whole album as one team at studio Shaark and it's been just great session. Big Boss wrote lyrics, of course, and some songs too. Me and both guitarists composed some songs as well. We don't practice almost. We had last rehearsal session two years ago;-) Now we are going to make new playlist altogether so we must have about three rehearsals after this long time. We practice live in front of the crowd;-)

The most influential record for you from your homeland and why? Mine is “Jilemnický Okultista” by the mighty Master's Hammer.

I don't have the only one. Maybe more and maybe all albums from ROOT:-) It's my personal best band from CZ for thirty years!

The Czech metal music is very unique and special, what do you think about the Czech literature? One of my all time favorite writer is Hrabal, and I'm really enjoyed Kundera, Hasek, Kafka.  Could you recommend some other great writers from the new generation?

To be honest, I would recommend you Hašek too. Mainly Mr. Švejk is the masterpiece! Also other writers which you have mentioned belong among the best ones in Czech literature. You are into it as I can see.

What do you think, why is so special and unique the metal music from Eastern Europe, Root, Torr, Tudor, Master's Hammer, Pokolgép, Tormentor, VHK, or from the new era Cult Of Fire, Drudkh so on so on?

Have no idea but I don't think that any unique music appears according to some country or an origin. It's always about musicians and their ideas.

The meaning of life:

Answering the interview right now;-)

Many thanks for your time, kind regards,

Thanx and see you soon.

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