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Rob recommends: Abysmal Grief - Mors Eleison

Abysmal Grief - Mors Eleison 12” MLP (I Hate Records, 2006)

Abysmal Grief are without doubt masters of horror doom metal. I bought this LP some good years ago in Czech Republic, and became an instant favorite. I like all their albums, but when I need only half hour of their splendid gruesome magic, I always ending up putting on this vinyl.

The MLP stars with the title track with low creepy organ pipes and with simple but clean bass notes. When the guitar riffs are crawling in, I always think of the early 80s Saint Vitus albums. Simple, but effective doom riffs playing a bit with the infamous Diabolus in Musica triton notes. Riffs are accompanied with church organs, giving a similar feeling like when you are walking in a catacomb. Shadows are lurking, the dead may be walking behind you…

The voice is a very low masculine singing thick baritone chant-like melodies. The guitar solos are ending this great track, recalling the master Dave Chandler’s confused tunes.

2nd track “Occultism” is a more than well-done cover of Paul Chain, probably the band’s greatest inspiration besides Saint Vitus of course.

Side B stars with “The Shroud”, a non-metal song with gloomy organ pipes again with some samples of a Catholic ritual, all these elements being trademarking elements up to this day in their creations.

“Mysterium Umbrarum” is a long and slow mournful track, absorbing the listener to Abysmal Grief’s very own dark world. Close your eyes and you can picture in your mind the cemeteries, ghosts, coffins ad crypts the band is singing about.

I consider “Mors Eleison” not only a masterpiece, but also as a stepping stone for the band. This is where the miserable doom metal riffs combined with the majestic organs and the sepulchral voice were perfected, resulting these four psalms of total gloom.

I am quite surprised that it’s up to this day available only on long time sold out LP, prices for this item are starting around 100 euros on ebay or discogs.

Written by Rob

March 2014