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Profetus - As All Seasons Die

Profetus - As All Seasons Die (Svart Records / Weird Truth, 2014)

The 36 minutes album starts with the mellow haunting piece “The Rebirth of Sorrow”, performed on church organ, accompanied by acoustic guitars transmitting a pious, but dark feeling.

“A Reverie” comes with the first metal riffs. Crushing, dark, slow funeral doom is the name of the game. The guys are from - where else – Finland. “As All Seasons Die” it’s their 3rd album already, but the first I have the chance to catch. Monolithic music like this was released mostly by Firedoom in the past decade, this doesn’t fall too far from other similar acts like Tyranny or Torture Wheel. Apparently influenced by Skepticism and Mournful Congregation, the band relies on the church organs, the keys carrying the melody line of the songs, strengthen by the pounding guitars and the really Skepticism-like ceremonial drumming.

Vocals are mostly growls and some spoken ceremonial words here and there.  It is perfect music for bleak February, although after every listen I tend to put up a Skepticism, or Unholy record. Funeral doom is not the most liberal genre, but some more tricks wouldn’t hurt. There are few guitar solos here and there which adds to the overall atmosphere. Some parts are quite majestic, but I need more on the 4th record! They will play this year at Roadburn.

by Rob,

2015 March,

rating: 7/10