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Old Grave Fest X

Old Grave Fest, the 10th Anniversary, expanded edition! 13-15 October, Bucharest, club Quantic, Romania

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3 days of anniversary mayhem in 2023
Buy festival tickets here:
Paypal: 75 euro + Paypal taxes
Card payment & other means: 375 RON + platform taxes
Directly from Romanian Thrash Metal Club crew: 375 RON, no tax.
Single day tickets will be available at a later time.
Razor - Speed/Thrash, Canada
Omen - Heavy/Power, US
Brocas Helm - Epic Heavy Metal, US
Blood - Death/Grind, Germany
Zemial - Black Metal, Greece
Bütcher - Black/Speed, Belgium
Witching Hour - Black/Thrash/Heavy, Germany
Gorgon - Black Metal, France
Concrete Winds - Death Metal, Finland
Sacrilegia - Black/Thrash, Ireland
Coscradh - Death Metal, Ireland
Raven Black Night - Doom Metal, Australia
Sněť - Death Metal, Czech Republic
Ragehammer - Black/Thrash, Poland
Thulsa Doom - Death Metal, Italy
Insulter - Black/Thrash, Germany
Swamp - Black/Thrash, Greece
Gargoyle - Black Doom Metal, Italy
White Tower - Heavy Metal, Greece
Larvae - Doom/Death, Italy/Romania