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Ogdru Jahad - I

Ogdru Jahad - I (Ancient Darkness Productions, 2013)

First album of the Danish Black/Death metallers Ogdru Jahad, a band formed by Sadomator and Ligfaerd members. Uncompromising war/death/blasphemy/unholy perversions is what you get right into your face if you put on this record, fans of Blasphemy, Beherit, Archgoat, Morbosidad etc will NOT be disappointed after buying this release that's guaranteed!!!

After a short but mysterious intro Ogdru Jahad release a necro-hurricane to devastate everything what is holy and sacred in the christian belief;semen, vomit, blood and blasphemy. Lyrics all in English, as simple as possible, right into virgin Mary's stinky cunt! In moments the music brings back the feeling of Immolation`s “Dawn of possession” one of my all time favorite Death Metal releases, it's based on the same principles, it has the same effect. I will not analyze every song individually the album is whole as it is, the only song which I will mention is the “Weeping of angels”, IT WILL BRAKE YOUR FUCKING NECK if you are not stingy with the volume!

Another important aspect to mention is the artwork, done by Alexander L. Brown who's creations you can see on some Morbosidad or Bölzer releases between tons of other covers, logos and fliers etc. The cover is really interesting: Anunnaki converting the crucified Jesus into a serpentine creature, or sucking out his energy, all under the watching eyes of the supreme deity, well drawn real masterpiece! Real value, simple but well designed presentation, honest, real extreme metal, right what I need! I would prefer a bit better sound, the details deserve it. Looking forward for the next release! “Masturbating whore of heaven, fuck me Mary, slut of heaven"!

by W666, rating: 8/10