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Ogdru Jahad

Black Metal of Death! from Denmark

1. Hi Necrodevil! Please tell us in few words the story of the band, what you represent and what you try to express with your art?

- Hails! We started out in 2011,but the idea of the band had been around much longer than that. Ever since the first Sadogoat EP had been recorded I wasn't completely satisfied with how it turned out, some days I thought it was great and other days I would hate it. So I had always had the idea of re-recording the songs and I had a few other songs in the same vein which had never been completely finished or recorded and as time went by Sadogoat had evolved into Sadomator and at some point these songs just didn't fit in anymore, so I began having ideas of forming a completely new band and record these songs. When Sadomator was still playing live I had for a long time been alone left with the live duties and having session members helping me out live, so while rehearsing and doing gigs with Sadomator at some point we decided to try out the other songs in rehearsal and so Ogdru Jahad was born. At that point I decided to put Sadomator on rest, as a live band, since we didn't have any new songs and there seemed to be no point in keep on playing live with Sadomator and sessions members when Ogdru Jahad was alive and had those same session members as full members. In the end things was going pretty good and so we decided to keep on going with Ogdru Jahad and start writing new songs. So right now we have one album out a 4-way split EP is on the way and we try to play as much live as we can. There is no profound message behind the band, we are old-school death/black metal and use profanity and darkness as out tools.

2. The name of the band is interesting, who came up with Ogdru Jahad and how does the band name reflect the music?

- Ogdru Jahad is a name taken from the Hellboy comic, it represent a group of ancient entities of chaos and darkness. There is much inspiration from the Old Ones of the Cthulhu mythos. I think the name makes good sense when comparing to the occult origins of Christianity and pre-Christian occultism and such. The cover from our debut album is having a lot of symbolism and those are some of the things we are interested in with the band. Lyrics on the first album mostly deal with blasphemy and profanity and don't have so much insight in our thoughts yet, but I hope that is something we will get more into later.

3. Your music is fast, devastating and uncompromising, reminder of many great bands from the past. Which do you consider to be your strongest influence?

- I don't really know actually. The old songs we took from the Sadogoat EP was strongly influenced by stuff like Profanatica and the lyrics are in the antichristian/profane vein, so I guess it ould be hard to deny that Profanatica probably was main influence for some of the older stuff. But we also took along a couple of other songs which has other influences and in the new songs I think it is much more diverse and with the added lead guitar I think we take on a personal twist to the death/black metal approach. Our style will probably be more visible in coming releases, where we aim to have more new songs and the band will work more together to make the songs our own where the songs on the first album was mainly written by me with inputs from the others.

4. The members of Ogdru Jahad are all members of other, already known bands from the Danish underground. Who has the most influence in the band and what is your motivation to carry on playing this kind of music? Who writes the music and lyrics?

- Maybe I already answered some of that in the previous question? But as things are right now we all write material or contribute in one way or the other. Musically we all have a part in the writing, but usually one or two of us write the music and when we take it up in rehearsal we sometimes make changes to some riff or arrangements. The lyrics are mostly written by Sod and me, but we have also had other people contribute to them in one way or another. Also the songs are sometimes still changes after they were considered done. We have had songs which have had changes to them after they were recorded and such, so we don't stick to things if ideas turn up at later rehearsals or at live shows. We have been known to improvise for the better (or most often worse) during live shows, hehehehe

5. Your first album ”I” came out last year, you released two demos previously. What was the feedback from your fans, supporters and how are people from the genre reacting to your music?

- The demos are not considered real demos by us. They were promo tapes done to spread the knowledge of the band in the underground. The first tape was a rehearsal tape we only did in 50 copies and spread to friends and contacts, the second tape was a live recording of our first gig, some of the songs was still not completely finished, but again we chose to spread it to further the knowledge of the band. I think the second tape was done in 250-300 copies, which we spread to people we met at gigs or sent out through Silver Key Records and Phlegm as free promos. The demand for the free tapes has been big and we have mostly had positive feedback. But it seems that people are mostly interested to get things for free or interested now when they no longer are available. We retired the second tape when we had recorded the debut album.

So far the feedback for our album have mostly been positive. In the underground we haven't had much negative feedback, it seems like people like the album in general, but some have complained about the production. I can agree that the production didn't turn out as good as it could have, but it is hard to do anything about that now and we chose to focus on upcoming releases instead of stagnating. We have also had a lot of not so good reviews, but mostly in webzines which doesn't like our kind of music in the first place, so it is kind of hard to take such reviews serious.

6. The artwork on ”I” is worth mentioning, the cover painting is a real piece of art. Tell us few words about the story behind it. Do you have anything to do with the design? Does it reflect your lyrics?

- The cover artwork was done in collaboration between the band and Alex Brown. We had ideas of what we wanted on the cover and then Alex took our ideas and worked out from that. I think it turned out really good and I would have liked to work with Alex again on upcoming releases, but I don't think it will happen, since he has chosen to ignore all our emails and efforts to stay in contact.
The cover art doesn't reflect the lyrics 100%, but it reflects the beliefs and ideas of the band and represent what lyrics we are planning to elaborate on in the future. Since our lyrics on the first album is mostly just profane and blasphemous there has not been included too much of the more strange and occult roots of Christianity, yet.

7. The Annunaki are part of one of the oldest mythologies, possibly 7-8 thousand years old or more while Jesus and Christianity are just 2 thousand or so years old. You think there is some connection between the two?

- I believe Christianity is a lie building on previous mythologies. I don't think Jesus is the son of God or the Messiah. I think that Christianity is a product of a mixture of a long line of other religions and mythologies of which Babylonian mythology is just one of them. Jesus Christ was the symbol of the era of Pisces, which has ended and as such the age of Christ is dead. We are now in the age of Aquarius and we might need to look back to worship the Star Gods once more.

8. What is your theory or belief about the beginning of mankind? You believe in the ancient aliens theories?

- I do find it interesting and to be one of many possibilities. But it might very well be that life is present all over the universe. Some places it might have evolved by itself, other places it might have been seeded by ancient aliens or Gods. Maybe we immigrated from Mars in the first place. Previously there have been intelligent life on Mars, which was destroyed by blowing out the atmosphere by a huge nuke or series of nukes, leaving Mars to be a desert wasteland.

9. I've seen videos from your latest live performances. You look confident on the stage and the music is really good. Is live performance necessary for a black metal band in your opinion?

- No, I don't think it is. But I like attending live shows and I like playing live and I don't think it is a disadvantage either. It is great promotion for a band and a good way to meet people and get some beer or whatever you want to do. Of course a lot of bands don't play live and still sell tons of albums, so it is possible to avoid live shows. I think the bands should decide for themselves if they want to play live or not. But I think it is important for a band to have enthusiasm for playing if they want to play live. I think it is more important to have the good atmosphere than to play 100% like the album or have every note played correct.

10. I know from the past that you are a huge Beherit fan, what`s your reaction to what Holocausto is doing?

- I don't know? What is he doing? I liked the Engram album and I am really happy that the unreleased album is finally out now, but besides that I don't think Beherit is such an important part of the scene these days. The old stuff is still classics and will live forever, but I would have expected a band like Beherit to be more innovative after they re-united. Engram is an acceptable album, but far from the impact like Drawing Down the Moon or Oath of Black Blood.

11. If you could change the world in one day, what would you do to it? You believe in the power of the mind being able to control reality? You consider this reality real?

- I don't know what I would do, I think it wouldn't matter what I did, humanity is doomed anyway. So if I should do anything which could really make a difference it should probably wipe out humanity and let the Earth start over.
I do believe in the power of the mind, but I am not sure if I am able to control anything, I already have a hard time to control my own demons of my mind. I often think that the reality I live in is not real and I really wonder if the world is created in my head or if I might already be dead. I see some signs that life is not real, but I don't suffer from the Cotard Dillusion or such, so I live on and try to get the best out of things, but sometimes it is hard and people telling me different would just be a part of my private Hell or Limbo. I guess more secrets will be revealed to my in time of my re-death.

12. Tell us your plans for the future. You plan a “II” album? What can we expect?

- Right now we have no plans for an imminent second album and it might not be called “II”, the “I” had a dualistic meaning, since it can be One or it can be I as in Me, the focus on the Satanic self and worship no other Gods than yourself. “II” would just be Two, which might be ok, but considering that we might not be able to have the series of cover art we wanted, the story of the covers would maybe not allow to keep in the theme. I guess it is for the time to tell.
At the moment we are waiting for an upcoming 4 way split EP of which we have already recorded our song and we have begun work for a vinyl or tape EP with a few new tracks and maybe a cover song.
I got pretty fucked up in the process of the first album and for now I need to get a lot of things back on track before I can dedicate myself to a full album. So there is no reason to plan too much before a lot of other things is out of the way.

13. Last words, thank you for the information which you share with us.

- Thanks for the support. Hail Ligfaerd and Würm's Tongue! Darkness is the host of creativity.

by Woodlum666, March 2014