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Musta Surma / Bloodhammer / Annihilatus ‎- Christian Genocide

Musta Surma / Bloodhammer / Annihilatus ‎- Christian Genocide (Northern Heritage, 2013)         

Finally some new stuff from the long time undead Musta Surma, the not so active in the last few years Bloodhammer and the long time split up Annihilatus.

“Story of this release appears to be too long to tell. It dates back almost decade. Originally release was scheduled to be released on new starting Finnish label, and after they quit the whole project was taken over by NH. Over the years, small changes in plans, modified track-lists, attempts to release postponed further... Yet finally after many-many years of waiting, 3 horrid Finnish black metal bands assault your ears.” (record label statement) Musta Surma material is from same session as “Crushing the Holy Trinity”, fast, ferocious black metal with the best Finnish traditions, Musta Surma is still one of the best Finnish Black Metal bands ever, I can’t wait for the first full length! I hope will happen in the near future!

Bloodhammer recorded their 3 songs in 3 different sessions, ugly, dirty, raw Finnish black metal as usual from Bloodhammer, after tons of split releases it’s time for a new album, right? I can’t tired this kind of black metal which playing Bloodhammer, fucking rules! Just listen to the “Voices of Blood” track with the melodic guitar solo, amazing!

Annihilatus was the secret weapon from north in 2002, sadly after one full length, a MLP and a split release they are disappeared.

2 from their 3 songs were never published before, “One-Eight-Seven” is known from the notorious “Primitive Finland” split. Dirty Finnish black metal with lots of thrash metal influences. The most interesting track on this CD is the last one, “Christian Holocaust” where members of each 3 bands join forces, a real collaboration track. Do you remember the “Satanic Warmaster & Clandestine Blaze” split? This is the same style. “Christian Holocaust” is the best track on this release, a must have song, with a nice thrashened black metal in the second part of the song, the whole album is high level, strongly recommended. “Primitive Finland”,” Crushing the Holy Trinity” and “Christian Genocide”!

By Mirgilus, 2014 March, rating: 9.5/10