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Mirgilus Siculorum 2000 - 2015

Mirgilus Siculorum 2000 – 2015

15 years in the underground madness, 15 years and closer to death…

Few days ago I made some news on the web-site and I’m just realized that we are turned 15 years deep in the underground. I’m not a nostalgic guy, but 15 years are 15 bloody years from our life’s dedicated to the extreme underground music movement which we loved back in the day and still we love with passion and true dedication.

We started the zine in the end of 2000 (October, exactly if I remember well) and we are here with the same “line-up” me and Rob and our comradeship is stronger than ever. We have had some co-editors from time to time, but the evil bosses are the same, which is cool!

We were the first metal webzine coming from Romania and we are still here and still fine and advocating extreme underground music exclusively from Black Metal to Power Electronics and beyond, of course we are not so active like in the early days, but lots of things changed in the underground journalism comparing the todays so called “scene” with the 15 years ago underground movement.

When we started we didn't have at home internet connection, facebook, twitter, youtube and other craps were not born yet, and we did not had a personal computer back then (!), which seems quite unbelievable when I recall those times...We wrote our first reviews on paper, then go to some crappy net-cafe, type it in WordPad, then upload it to the server, which we were used back then.

From 2005 we started our printed magazine Cross of Black Steel, hmm ten years ago, another jubilee, but this is another story, so let’s focus on Mirgilus Siculorum.

Back in the day we got lots of real promos, tapes, vinyls (yes vinyls) Cds, not some links, like today, yes I know the technology is progressing the music industry (mainstream hopefully) is dying, but my opinion is the same like in the early days, real music needs real format for real music lovers, who’s buying records and would like to read in depths reviews and interviews with their beloved bands, artists.

We have had a good time over the years, we met some really cool guys from the mostly Black Metal underground and our long time contacts still alive which is more than fine!

From 2014 we have a new designed website for the modern times, but still simple as we like it, no pop up banners, no flash stuff, we are not here to collect likes on facebook with every shitty sensationally news, when we have time and we hear something special which catching our attention of course we wrote about.

I have lots of great memories about the last 15 years with lots of highlights and low ends too. I was beaten by some Hungarian idiots at the Dissection farewell tour in Budapest, because of some negative “vitriol-style” reviews hehe. Our interview with Paul Masvidal was published on the Death memorial site Empty Words and still available, just mention a few interesting stories which came to my mind.

We wrote thousands of reviews in the past 15 years and interviewed hundreds of bands, concert reports all is available on our archive site ( Our first interview was with Dark Funeral, first review was the ...And Oceans - Mare Liberum cassette by the way.

We released some nice albums, demos on tape format like Watain – Casus Luciferi cassette limited to 150 hand numbered copies only! 3 Issues of Cross Of Black Steel printed magazine (4th issue is in the making!) and our mailorder service with thousands of underground releases is growing continuously.   

So Happy Birthday to us, long live Mirgilus Siculorum, the Transylvanian madness continue!

by Mr.Mirgilus