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Mirgilus recommends: The Obsessed - The Church Within

The Obsessed - The Church Within tape (Sony Music/Columbia, 1994)

Folks this time I recommend a special tape from 1994, exactly 20 years ago was released the 3rd album of “The Obsessed”. Ok, ok I know this is not the best album from their discography, but for me this album is very close to my heart, from this album I’m a real fanboy of Scott "Wino" Weinrich guitar style, so shut the fuck up!

“The Obsessed were one of the early Black Sabbath-influenced doom metal bands on the American continent. They formed in 1976 under the name Warhorse but around 1977 they became known as The Obsessed. The band had gone on hiatus before releasing several albums and breaking up in 1995.”

I really don’t think that “The Obsessed” is real, pure doom band, it’s something heavy rock with lots of doom influences and lots of HC, punk (A World Apart) and of course Heavy Metal influences as well. Lyrically absolutely not doom, just read the lyrics.

It’s a strange for me that after 2 great albums why they are signed with the multinational Sony Music. I really have no idea what those major label were thinking when they signed this band. Back in 1994, classic doom metal simply didn't sell. I don’t know if this major label experience was the main reason of their broke up in 1995, but after this full length “The Obsessed” was no more. Reunited in 2012, initially to play at the Roadburn Festival. So theoretically they are active again, so we can expect a new album in the future, I hope!

For me “The Obsessed” is the best band of Wino, we know with or without him Saint Vitus works. Wino is “The Obsessed” and “The Obsessed” is Wino, period and the riff-meister is fucking obsessed!

If the opening riff of “To Protect And To Serve” or the opening track from the B side “Streetside” doesn’t move your neck, legs & arms then I can’t help you.

The guitar tone is amazing, the riffs are absolutely infectious and the rhythm section is brilliant. What a wall of bass here, fucking amazing! The album’s absolutely best song is the rocking “Touch of Everything” with brilliant lyrics and fantastic vocals.

Saint Vitus is a legend and a respected band, now it’s time on “The Obsessed!”

No Love Stronger

No Pain Greater

No Hate Deeper

“The guy’s (Wino’) talent is undeniable, his charisma is total, he probably doesn’t even know how good of a guitar player he is. I think he’s an amazing guitar player; he plays that ‘I-drink-Clorox-all-night-long’ kind of guitar…that ‘I smoke-angel-dust-and-wound-people’ kind of guitar.” – Henry Rollins   

“The Obsessed to me is a subtle thing…you gotta let it soak in” – Phil Anselmo.

When I wrote this recommendation I listened, head-banged all day in my apartment for those great riffs, now all the neighborhood know what the hell is real heavy music with balls, amen!

By Mirgilus, 2014 April