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Mirgilus recommends: Satanic Warmaster ‎- Opferblut

Satanic Warmaster ‎- Opferblut LP (No Colours, 2003)

A very stupid, dumb ass name for a band with a very great, traditional, true Finnish Black Metal!

The first SW album also a classic release (one of the best SW full length), but if I choose one single release from the very rich SW discography I will pick up for sure Opferblut, the second album from 2003.

Not that dirty, primitive Black Metal like the “Strength and Honour” debut, but not so catchy and melodic like “Carelian Satanist Madness”, somewhere in between.

Now SW is a solo project of Satanic Tyrant Werwolf, on this release SW was a three piece band with Lord War Torech on guitars (he also plays on debut and other releases too), Tyrant on bass/vocals and Lord Sarcofagian (the mastermind from Baptism) on drums.

This album is one of the best second wave Finnish Black Metal release ever recorded, the sound, the feeling and the tracks from the beginning till the end are all classics.

The A side last track (A Wolf Cries In Anger) has the best SW riffs and the absolute hit is the first track from the B side: Pentagram & Wood with great tempo changes, fine guitar work. A Raven's Song also a traditional Finnish black metal attack, Rainfalls is a nice instrumental track before the ending “Farewell to the Fallen” a good ending, semi mid-tempo song.

For me personally missing Lord War Torech guitars style after Offerblut releases, sadly his other band Torturium is not too active now, but worth to check the “Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds” and the “Black Lunatic Chaos” albums!

The artwork simple and pithy, first press black vinyl limited to 300 copies only also available on clear vinyl limited to 500 copies. If you want one copy from the first press you need to pay minimum 50 euro for a mint copy!