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Mirgilus recommends: Genocide Organ - Live in Japan 2007

Genocide Organ - Live in Japan 2007 (Tesco Organisation, 2009)

Every musical genre has a pioneer, a leader, a godfather, a legend. When we are talking about Power Electronics the first band which came into my mind is the German death industrial quartet from Mannheim, Genocide Organ. Power electronics was originally coined by William Bennett as part of the sleeve notes to the Whitehouse album ‘Psychopathia Sexualis’, so they are the real godfathers of the genre, but for me Whitehouse is below Genocide Organ.

This enigmatic act was formed in 1985 exactly 30 years ago and they are still here almost with the original line-up and with a new album too!  They have become a cult name among the followers of industrial music worldwide, due to their uncompromising attitude, brutal sounds and presentation, as well as the provocative and "politically incorrect" attitude. 2 from GO are the founders of the leading industrial label called Tesco Organisation .

Their live performances are rare and legendary, involving threatening terrorist uniforms, metal junk and blow torches to build the definitive wall of industrial noise. Almost all Genocide Organ records are out of print and, due to the small number of copies pressed and the luxurious packages, are sought-after collector items.

Every GO release, album has a special theme, a message. Every album from their discography is high class release, I picked up for recommendation this Live album, because this is an essential live release, but not including the best GO tracks.

Power electronics is one of the most underground subgenre of extreme music, violent, aggressive with full force and power. This is real hard industrial noise, not so called “laptop noise” which we are facing in today’s scene. 4 people on stage with their instruments, tools and doing serious attack against the ears with this wall of noise supported with provocative images behind.

All tracks were recorded live in Kouenji Japan in 2007, including attacks like “Hail America”, “One Final Moment” and so on. Music of our times! After listening at maximum volume this LP, or other GO releases, nothing could be more extreme, total fucking audio terror with edge, content and message.

Beautiful gatefold vinyl with A2 poster and printed jacket, hand numbered and limited to 888 copies only. The CD version came out with a special DVD with another live action from 2003 also from Japan.

"We never say what we think, and we never believe what we say, and if we tell the truth by accident, we hide it under so many lies that it is difficult to find out"

by Mirgilus, 2015 January