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Mirgilus choise from 2015

Mirgilus choise from 2015
This is not a “best of 2015” list, there is no order, I’m just made a list with records which I really liked from the last year and listened a lot.

Not perfect, not complete, lots of important releases are missing, sometimes I realized that the album which I wanted to put this section is from 2014 or earlier, but that’s life, maybe some of you will like it, maybe not, but keep in mind:
“Competitions are for horses, not artists” – Bartók Béla

Urfaust – Apparitions (Ván)
A bit alibi release in my opinion, but still rules. I was very hungry for some new Urfaust stuff, album or a proper Ep not 7” Ep or splits. So here is “Apparitions” a 4 piece new release packaged in a very impressive & beautiful cover art, the vinyl version just aesthetically brilliant! Perfect “soundtrack” for late intoxicated nights, haunting memories, strange feelings, those chanting vocals are near to perfect. My problem is that “Apparitions” is not enough from this great band, too much ambient and less hypnotic, ritualistic music, I want more, a new album in the near future! Right?

King Dude – Songs Of Flesh & Blood - In The Key Of Light (Ván)
I love King Dude, what a stupid name, what a nonsense name, but works, works fine. When I heard first time this dude he caught me totally, I knew that this guy will doing something great things in the near future. He is not a brilliant guitar player, he is not a high class singer, but he sings from the deep of his heart and he could write great songs. American native folk, let me say neofolk, some little electronic stuff, country from the other side mixed with some lost feelings with great passion, that’s the basic elements of King Dude. I’m sure “Songs Of Flesh & Blood” is not the best, definitive record of Dude, every albums, release contains great memorable songs, but all in all no one is perfect, but the progression is tactile. When I’m really down under, King Dude is the perfect music to treat my soul, and when I’m very happy also great choice King’s music. “Holy Water” can make smile on every real Johnny Cash’s fanatics faces, I’m sure!

Mgla – Exercises In Futility (Northern Heritage / No Solace)
In the last couple of months (almost) everything was written about the new Mgla opus from the deep underground to mainstream media. I have following this band from the beginning, some people say that this is the best Mgla album ever, I say maybe, maybe not, the whole Mgla discography is outstanding & impressive. Musically is on the same path like the “With Hearts Toward None” album, brilliant guitar riffing and melodies and outstanding drumming, catchy and powerful! Two very interesting things to mention: the lyrics, one of the best lyrics ever written for a black metal album, nihilistic thoughts, thinkable words with very deep meaning, perfect texts to describing our days, the fall of mankind! Read & learn! The other thing, I’ll give you that the artwork for Mgla on every release is simple and unique, but this kind of brilliant music needs more visual art! The best tracks on “Exercises in Futility” are the even tracks especially the ending “Exercises in Futility VI” which is total top notch!

Pentagram ‎– Curious Volume (Peaceville)
One of the greatest miracle on this planet, that’s Bobby Liebling still alive and well and Pentagram is here with a fine new album! This is without a doubt Pentagram's strongest performance since Show 'Em How, despite still having come a long way with Last Rites. 70’s style heavy doom anthems with Bobby’s trademark vocals! The sound of the album is just amazing, like a real heavy doom record from the glorious golden years of traditional heavy doom! Victor Griffin makes some remarkable riffs and some really classic Pentagram songs like the “Close the Casket” track! The absolute highlight is the r’n’r “Misunderstood”. My personal favorite song is the closing “Because I Made it”. Long live Mr. Liebling and thanks for made it this outstanding record!

Amestigon – Thier (W.T.C. Productions)
Did you know that one of the oldest black metal bands from Austria is Amestigon? Of course not! Members are involved in many bands from Abigor to Summoning, etc read the band’s bio for more info, learn your lesson! So, in 2010 Amestigon released the first and the same time the only album “Sun Of All Suns” after 10 years of hibernated status. The mentioned album is one of the best Austrian black metal albums ever, sadly the labels incompetence, not so many know this. The band is now in WTC roster maybe they will get some more attention, absolutely deserve it! The new album first track properly scared me a lot with those melodic vocals, something missing from this track, the weakest track from Amestigon discography, the lyrics also some boring lines. But after we got approx. 45 minutes pure magic! Very unique interpretation of Amestigon style black metal, sometimes very epic, then fast, sweeping with great riffs and fine dark melodies and great chants! My personal favorite is the last track “Hochpolung” brilliant, sublime, hypnotic!

Acherontas – Ma-IoN (Formulas Of Reptilian Unification) (W.T.C. Productions)
Immense, intensive, dramatic, those narrative vocals in the end of the album is just amazing! Well-structured songs, the intensity of the songs are increasing from the beginning until the end. 70 minutes and no boring parts, the drama is still feels from every songs! The previous album “Amenti” contains some forgettable songs, this time Acherontas did a very serious job! We need some more time to listen enough this intensive album to catching every details!

Abysmal Grief / Runes Order – Hymn Of The Afterlife / Snuff The Nun (Italian Doom Metal Records)
I really like Abysmal Grief, before the new album got this very interesting split LP. “Hymn of the Afterlife”, the title say everything about this well structured, formidable song! Not metal this time, just some ambiental, noisy madness with very haunting choir and vocals in background and narrative voices!
The Runes Order side is amazing, Claudio Dondo is one of the most interesting experimental artists from Italy, his improvised, cosmic sounds with Alex De Sienna ethereal vocals are near to perfect. I need to check more Runes Order releases in the near future!

Master's Hammer – Kult mládí a mrazu (Jihosound Records)
2 new tracks Ep from the one of my fave bands. Strange drum (machine?) sound with nice keyboards, slow, pulsating track on A side, more dynamic, totally unusual song on the B side, Master’s Hammer goes electric, maybe the next full length will be an experimental-electronic release? Seems impossible for MH to release anything that isn't great. Great music needs fine artwork, of course František Štorm did a great job again. I’m still the fanboy of mighty Master’s Hammer!

Cultes des Ghoules - The Rise of Lucifer (Terratur Possessions)
Almost 3 years after the “Henbane” album I still didn’t know if I like it or not, one thing is clear for me, “Häxan” is masterpiece and one of the best Eps ever is the fantastic “Spectres over Transylvania” Ep from 2011. This last Ep contains the title track, great song in the vein of the first album, dirty, old, rusty black metal and a fine Necromantia cover “Family of Dog” (The Feast of Ghouls), sounds like a proper song not a Necromantia cover!

Selbst - An Ominous Landscape (Sun & Moon Records)
Yes, I know and I agree that’s not fair to putting this record in my so called “best of 2015 releases” list, but god damn, the “An Ominous Landscape” debut MCD of this Venezuelan black metal band is one of the best black metal mini albums ever recorded! 3 perfect tracks, no remorse, no regret, rusty sword to the bones, intensive from the first riff till the end, great riffs, tempo changes and inimitable, unique feeling, masterpiece! Just Deathspell Omega – Drought, Mgła - Mdłości + Further Down The Nest and Svartidauði ‎– The Synthesis Of Whore And Beast are in the same league with “An Ominous Landscape”!

Drowning The Light ‎– From The Abyss (Obscure Abhorrence Productions)
DTL is a “too many records” band from the deep Australian black metal movement. Some albums are great other releases, mini albums, splits sometimes just utterly shit releases. Fortunately in the last couple of years Azgorh, the not so likable main man, the brain of DTL, stopped recording everything and the quality of the releases improvement spectacular. “An Alignment of Dead Stars” was one of the best DTL albums from 2009 and I’m always waited for an album like that, the following “Catacombs of Blood” and the “Oceans of Eternity” really good releases but not in the same level with Alignment! Last November came out on beautiful DLP with a very nice cover art the new album “From the Abyss” which is the best DTL album to date, and one of the best black metal albums from 2015! Great songs, fine atmosphere, everything is on the right place! The best cover art from 2015!

Revenge – Behold.Total.Rejection (Season Of Mist)
Oh no, please! was my first reaction when they are signed with SOM. I have had the same feeling when Ulver released Nattens Madrigal on Century Media, a big fuck off to mainstream metal scene! 41 minutes of total annihilation, mass execution! Vermin & James Read are not taking prisoners they eliminate everything, after this album you need few minutes of total silence & fresh air! Great job Misters!

Akitsa – Grands Tyrans (Hospital Productions)
Undergound black metal scene needs bands like Akitsa! Totally uncompromised attitude, a great crossover release between underground harsh black metal & punk. Rusty raw guitars, fast tempos, harsh vocals meets sometimes totally unusual melodic chants. Every song has a special memorable riff or tune which will burn in your ears.

Prurient – Frozen Niagara Falls (Profound Lore Records)
Magical, hypnotic & trance! Amazing combination of noise, power electronics and dark ambient with vocals ranging from whispers, to speaking, to screams. Dominick started as a simple noise artist to noise addicts, now he turns to real industrial artist with edge! Immense work “Frozen Niagara Falls” with this long playing time travelling the listener through the twisted mind of the artist, a soundtrack without a movie, a long journey through sleepless nights, a real magnum opus!
“Recommended reading on love and death...
Man's search for meaning
Because I was flesh
In search of Duende
Red cross dog
The elegant universe
Neptune: The allied invastion of Europe and the D-Day landings
Reincarnation and immortality
Listen at night while snow falls silently under street lights”

Clandestine Blaze – New Golgotha Rising (Northern Heritage)
The 8th full length album, still harsh, still totally fist in your face album like the early CB releases. If you like the first 3 album harshness, coldness feeling this album is for you. When I listening CB I still believe in Black Metal! Dirty riffs, rusty vocals, old school drumming and well written songs. No remorse, no regret, no surrender! Mikko Aspa restore the black metal tattered fame! “Final Hours Of Sacrifice” one of the best CB songs ever!

Grunt – Myth of Blood (Freak Animal Records)
The most progressive act from the current power electronics scene indisputable is Grunt, the brainchild of Mikko Aspa from far Finland. I have following Grunt from the early days, if I’m counted well this is the 10th of 11th full length album (not counting re-releases, split & collaboration albums). The absolute highlight in his huge discography is the immense double album “Seer of Decay” from 2006. Fantastic artwork again, not the best Grunt album but still great, comparing with other power electronics releases from 2015 this is one of the best! “Ordeal of Water” is one of the sickest PE songs ever, with psychotic vocals! I need to see Grunt on stage somewhere!

Peste Noire – La Chaise-Dyable (La Mesnie Herlequin)
The last Peste Noire album (the self-titled) was totally disappointment for me, I like only one track from that album, after this release I lost my interest in Peste Noire. I’m not sure where I have seen the album artwork, NWN forum? (the front + the back cover picture with the old guy) was absolutely bullseye and I was curious about this new opus! So, so Peste Noire is on the right way again, the album is full with nice Peste Noire melodies, insane vocals, great riffs, Famine’s guitar style still remarkable, so everything is fine, so I’m a fanboy again! Long live Famine, the “Dans ma nuit” video is a fucking joke, piece of shit, the album “La Chaise-Dyable” rules! I think only French speaking motherfuckers can understand correctly Peste Noire, I’m not French fortunately, nor motherfucker, so I’m just listening Peste Noire on maximum volume and drink some beers, of course not wine, I’m not French fortunately!

November Növelet - The World In Devotion (Galakthorrö)
Simply the best minimal electro album of 2015. Mr & Mrs Arafna when not recording harsh, power electronics, experimental/industrial album with Haus Arafna, they making minimal dark elektro, dark pop with NN. The 3rd full length album on the same direction like the first two albums, nothing new under the sun, perfect music for late nights, for minimal parties, for relaxing, for thinking alone in urban nights!

Deutsch Nepal – Alcohology (Entartete Musikk)
Deutsch Nepal is back after 5 years in the retreat of the Swedish woods with a new album praising alcohol consumption & intoxication through the whole album. Tracks “Alcohology Superior/ Alcohology Minor” are the real fallen hymns for the real alcoholics! “It's all in your Alcohology/human decline in one billion stages”. Deutsch Nepal’s trademark industrial hymns with fine chants. DN in great form, great new album with fantastic artwork!

Karjalan Sissit - ...Want you dead (Cyclic Law)
New album after 6 years of almost silence, Karjalan Sissit is back with full of power and violence! This kind of music can make only Finnish drunks! Dark, immense, industrial hymns on high level! For every martial industrial lovers: you must to listen this album! Karjalan Sissit wants you dead!

best demo:

best trolls:
Laibach in North Korea

best concerts:
Cult Of Fire @ Brutal Assault, Oriental Stage
Wovenhand @ Silver Church, Bucharest
Destroyer 666 @ Old Grave Fest, Bucharest
Judas Priest @ Romexpo, Bucharest
Negative Plane @ Flying Circus, Cluj

best songs:
Baroness - Chlorine & Wine (for all “cry-babies” metal scientists who’s saying no future for mainstream metal after turning to ashes the great old giants, just listen to this track, fantastic song, nice structure, memorable tunes, the video for this great song also fine!

Agnostic Front – Old New York (I have never been in old New York nor in new, but after this track I scream with Roger with full voice:
“The greatest city of them all
But it just don't feel the same
I miss the old New York
The tallest buildings in the world
But it just don't look the same
I miss the old New York”

missed releases, got it in the couple of last weeks, I didn’t have enough time to listening in deeply but promising :
Leviathan ‎– Scar Sighted
RAM ‎– Svbversvm
Baroness – Purple
Abysmal Grief - Strange Rites of Evil
Shape of Despair - Monotony Fields
Killing Joke – Pylon
Malign - A Sun To Scorch

most expected releases of 2016:
Genocide Organ - Obituary Of The Americas
New Swans album
New Negative Plane album
Altar Of Perversion 2nd album
Cultes des Ghoules new album
Cult Of Fire new album