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Midnight - No Mercy For Mayhem

Midnight - No Mercy For Mayhem (Hells Headbangers, 2014)

Those who were afraid if this bad ass crew will be able to deliver the goods on the so-so waited second album can sit back and relax with a beer. Cleveland’s misfits MINDIGHT are back with style! The unchanged Motörhead-driven Venom-poisoned deadly black’n’roll onslaught is present on this opus, a field where they are kind of kings at present.

The album is a tsunami of killer riffs, clever twists, raw energy and exceptional song-writing.

No normal human being can resist to attacks like “Try Suicide”, “Evil Like A Knife”, or “Whiplash Disaster”. What is plus on this new record is the increased ability to build solid melody lines through the tracks. Dominant but harmonious guitar leads, notable solos and even a few refrains, mostly prominent in the self-titled “No Mercy For Mayhem”, but “Woman of Flame” and “Evil Like A Knife” have notable catchy parts and memorable choruses too. Truly, there’s not even a boring second on this record, every riff, every solo confirms the class this nasty company owns. Midnight is balancing somewhere between the speed rock’n’roll of Motörhead, the filth of Venom, the fury of Discharge and the evil wrath of the early Bathory releases. And a bit of Tank influence in sense of crafting the songs.


Currently nobody makes this beer-drinking, woman-devouring, partying, Satan-worshipping rock ‘n’ roll better than them. Nothing innovative here comparing to the 80s, but who desires “musical progression”, when they provide such high-class & well-written jingles? Dirty, violent, nasty, all killer, no filler compositions in the sign of the D-beat! The high-quality is there from the starting notes to the end of the record. What else do you need? A cool album cover? It’s there also. I tell you, all you need besides this LP is a beer in your hand and a Midnight show where you can shout “No Mercy for Mayheeeem!”.

I hope they will be around for a good time, the scene needs crude and unsophisticated bands like this. Beer-flavored devilish speed metalpunk for wild indecent Friday nights. You can’t stop Midnight!

“Baptized in vomit straight from the ram
Drink all the blood that's given from your hand
Lessons of holy fully denied
A lethal dose of blasphemy were mine.”

rating: 8,5/10

written by Rob,

April, 2015