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In March we released together with The Arcane Tapes label a very special demo cassette of Mabbul, a very unique and enigmatic band from Mexico. My initial intention was to make a very in depth interview with the guys behind the Mabbul, but they were not so communicative… So first let the music speaks for itself, then read this short interview with the band!

Hail guys! Let we start with a general presentation of Mabbul. Why Mabbul? And what is the meaning of this name? Please introduce the band a little bit, I know you would like to stay in shadows, but maybe you can say how many musicians are involved in this band. Do you play in other bands or Mabbul is the one and only musical interpretation of your ideas?

Mabbul is a two-member project that originated after some musical sessions that E. and I held about two years ago.

Mabbul is a Hebrew word commonly used to refer to the Great Flood, or Deluge. However, Mabbul originally referred to "The Waters Above". We thought this double sense of the word was the suitable metaphor for our music, and would help us channel episodes of both beauty/horror and mystery.           

"Am I falling?
Off the firmament
Falling, piercing time

I have now sung, led by tongues
Now I must become
a bodyless arm wielding a sword!

I, arrived.
Between his hands, a stream of thick water
-to never be drank.
I, arrived.
in my mouth,
the threads of madness never to be heard"

Your first official release was the “untitled" demo cassette with 2 tracks with a very strange cover art, please tell us all the necessary information about this release. Did you released other demos, rehearsal cassettes or this is the only released material of Mabbul? Your first official pro demo cassette “untitled” was released this spring by Mirgilus Siculorum / The Arcane Tapes. Tell us all the back ground info about this release. Tell me something about the cover painting & artwork.

The "untitled" demo tape was recorded 2017, at La Casa en Llamas studio. The logo was designed by Andrew Cunningham from Malthusian.

The artwork was done by our great friend Panikus, and it portrays "a body-less arm wielding a sword". This sentence, which is also contained in the lyrics, is a direct reference from the literary works of Fernando Pessoa.

So far, this has been the only release we have made. Individually, each of us has played in other bands, but they are not related or relevant to our current endeavor.  

Your music is the most unusual, uncategorized music which I heard in the last few years, please tell me your inspirations, favorite artists, music style, etc. First when we got in contact you presented the band with an unholy covenant of VON & Paul Chain.

Yes, those are 2 bands we really admire, but I definitely wouldn´t speak of a covenant. Through Mabbul, we seek to let our intuitions act, and to momentarily reject the boundaries of reason, coherency or speech. It is in this sense that we feel very related to the music and atmospheres crafted by Paul Chain and Von, but there are definitely many other bands that have inspired us, it does not come down to those two only.       

What is your main inspiration when you are composing new songs? Only music or other forms of art, literature, paintings, etc.

Of course other forms of art, like literature or paintings inspire us greatly. But when it comes to our music I like to think of an unknown drive pushing us to do what we do. I like to think of inspiration as something a bit less conscious, and rather mysterious which we cannot summarize or describe. In the end, I think Mabbul's music- including the very brief lyrics - can be read as meditations about existence, language and reality, and our impossibility to "comprehend" them.

On demo you have a song called “Obnubilation”. Is that correct? What that means?

We understand obnubilation as the transition of going from the clear to the opaque, or from light into darkness. From comprehension to contemplation. These are concepts, musical ideas we are still trying to mature.    

"Pale-blue death is dancing under golden moon
Crimson! Crimson! Crimson skies!
Fractured moon above

When we opened our eyes
It was already there!
Anticipation death!
-break the seal of none

facing these relentless waves
Of empty
Until, they drove us towards the impossible
well within the will of…

And no one,
no one could stop It
from pleasing

-who delve to sit under my foot, and defend me with serpent
tongues, without noticing.
who grasp for my name in vain
Forever looking scared
In their morbid compulsion for celebration
I only move to the beat of…"

Are you planning to playing concerts, or Mabbul will remain in the dark cenotes of Mexico.?

Since we are still a two-member project, it is hard to think about giving shows, but playing live inside a cenote does sound tempting...  We do intend to find a drummer for our next recording anyway.

Please tell us your future plans with Mabbul.

Our plan is to craft an EP by the end of this year. Maybe some live shows will come after the release.

by Mirgilus, 2018 June/July