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Ligfærd / Pustulation - Into the Abyss / Af Råddent Blod Og Ilde Mod

Ligfærd / Pustulation - Into the Abyss / Af Råddent Blod Og Ilde Mod (Ancient Darkness Productions, 2011)

Both bands hail from Denmark, I'm familiar with Ligfaerd but this is the first time I listen to Pustulation, the name seemed quite funny at first (all Hungarian speakers will find it funny btw).

Not bad material, an intro and four songs consist the seventeen minutes Pustulation side “Into the Abyss”, aggressive, thrashy death/black with catchy moments and quite memorable riffs. Bathory inspired determination, Bloodhammerian primitiveness, the evil power of early Morbid Angel and the rituals of Necros Christos. The lyrics are in English and they are written in the booklet, you will need a magnifying glass though. Really hope the band stays on this path and next time they come up with something even better. I have to mention the guitar solo in the “Nyarlathotep” song, it made me smile, still this remains my favorite Pustulation song here.

“Af Raddent Blod Og Ilde Mod” is the title of Ligfared`s part, one intro and three songs. Ligfaerd is obviously superior in musical skills, evil and powerful Black Metal with really strong themes and pulsating power. Sod's voice is similar to Glen Benton`s or Lord Angelslayer`s from Archgoat. No need to talk about the songs individually, they are in the same style, the lyrics are in Danish. The last song “Ligfærd - Ved Galgebakkens Fod “I consider to be the best on Ligfaerd side, fast cold themes change with mid-tempo, really well written and well executed. This actually could be the best Ligfaerd song so far!

Check out this split if you like the real Black Metal, there are absolutely no compromises here whatsoever only true underground feeling at it's best!

by W666, rating: 8/10