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Label special: The Arcane Tapes

Label special: The Arcane Tapes, underground label from Transylvania/Romania, releasing small editions of professional tapes, mostly from the doom metal and related genre.

One of the greatest problem in today’s metal (and music in general) scene: we have too many bands and too many middle-class labels advocating those bands. Mainstream metal labels releasing 5-10 new releases in every month which are too many, too many trendy bands, you will listen once and after you will forget. When we are talking about underground music labels, first came in to my mind Misanthropy from UK, Sombre Records from Germany, End All Life from France or Wild Rags from USA from the past, or Northern Heritage, NWN!, HHR, etc from the today’s scene.

On the pages of Mirgilus Siculorum we are promoting interesting labels always, so here is a very young label from the land of Dracula and strong palinka from the land of eternal fog: here is The Arcane Tapes from Transylvania.
We have not too many good bands in Romania, labels are also a very rare thing, so I was very happy when I heard about “The Arcane Tapes”, a little label advocating doom music on limited tapes! Sounds awesome!

“The Arcane Tapes is an underground label from Transylvania/Romania, releasing small editions of professional tapes, mostly from the doom metal and related genre.”

The label’s name and logo predestinate their destiny, they can’t release Cds, DVDs, and other formats just tapes (they will have a special split 7” Ep next year, aargggh!)

The first Arcane Tapes release was the “Hyborian Age” album by the Italian doomsters KRÖWNN! Prime Italian doom metal with 2 beautiful girls in the line-up (Elena Fiorenzano I love you!), old style doom with fashion!

The next one was the “In Onirica” album by BRETUS also from Italy! Long live the Italian doom! Not so old styled doom liked KRÖWNN, but also a very solid release.

After came the OLD WITCH - "Come Mourning Come" album from Canada. Funeral dirge slow doom from USA. Incredible dense and thick doom metal masterpiece with hypnotizing funereal and grim atmosphere, with hints to Shape of Despair, Nortt. A monolithic release, full of mystery, packed with dense riffs and subtle atmospheres.

The last release was the ELECTRIC TAURUS - "Veneralia” tape, I think this is not the best AT release, psychedelic doom from Ireland. Mixing Sabbathian riffs, early seventies, psychedelia with lots of stoner stuff on it, I really don’t like stoner, so this is not my fave AT release, sorry.

All tapes came out on pro-done tapes, strictly limited to 100 copies only, few copies from each release are still available from the label!

Next releases:

ABYSMAL GRIEF - Mors Eleison - Tape
KRÖWNN - Magmafrost
NIGHT GAUNT - Night Gaunt – Tape

Contacts, info, etc:

by Mirgilus, 2014 September