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Koldvoid - Cabin Fever

Koldvoid - Cabin Fever (Valse Sinistre, 2020)

Doing dark ambient, ambiental soundscapes music is not so easy, doing good dark ambient is much harder. The most common problem with this genre is simple: after few minutes everything is turning to boring sound and the listener falling to asleep, but not with this Cabin Fever!

So here is the Transylvanian one man entity Koldvoid with a new demo cassette which is a preliminary for the new album.

The project started back in 2008 and released some demos, split releases and one full length album “Roadside Ghosts” back in 2012.

Koldvoid plays ghost ambient music, after his own definition, but for me this is a perfect movie soundtrack music, especially this 4 piece demo! With every track I can associate to a movie. First track, very easy: Lost Highway by David Lynch, second track: Blade Runner (the old one of course) by Ridley Scott, third track: The Hitcher with Rutger Haur, I don’t remember the director, track 4: Three Colours (Blue, or Red I’m not sure, I need to look again the trilogy) by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Of course you can associate with other movies as well, it’s not written on stones.


This demo came out on a very nice factory made yellow cassette and limited to 66 copies, also can listening on the official bandcamp site too! If you are into this kind of sounds, this is for you, short and no boring moments at all!

Rating: 9/10

By Mirgilus, November 2020