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Klinikk - Urban Disease

Klinikk - Urban Disease, new tape release on Valse Sinistre, funeral punk on disco beats.

"Urban Disease" demo collection tape to be out next week with remastered demo songs from the 2006 - 2013 period.

Welcome to the madhouse!
KlinikK is a Transylvanian project started around 2007.

The music under the name KlinikK covers a lunatic crossover of genres,
mostly punk / post-punk / black metal / experimental.

These artists had a definitely bad influence on the music of KlinikK:
Joy Division, Killing Joke, Misfits, The Cure, David Lynch, Nancy Sinatra, The Cramps, Burzum, Forgotten Woods,
Peste Noire, Joyless, Woods of Infinity, early Lifelover.

“Demo” - 2009
“Love and Death Tragedy Potion” (demo) - 2011

“Demo” - 2013
“Urban Disease” Tape - 2014 (Valse Sinistre Records,

“Urban Disease” contains all the demo recordings of the band up to 2014.
Available on tape format.