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King Dude - Deal With The Devil

King Dude's latest offering is a 7" recording of two new songs from his forth coming full length album entitled, "Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light".

The title track "Deal With The Devil" tells the tale of man who lost his love and how he must make a pact with the Devil to get her back, ultimately risking his life in the process… The b-side "You Know My Lord" is a spiritual ballad that showcases a whole new side of King Dude's songwriting.

- Tracklist: Side A - "Deal With The Devil", Side B - "You Know My Lord"
- Limited to an edition of 300 copies.
- 100 on "blood" red vinyl, 100 on cream colored vinyl, 100 on black vinyl,
- Full color jackets printed on reverse board card stock.

Listen here: