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Josefstadt by Brutal Assault

For the second year now, due to well known circumstances, Brutal Assault cannot take place in its usual form, but we are not giving up! Just like last year we are coming up with a smaller version of the festival. Brutal Assault is unique for its atmosphere, dramaturgy and location. Our main goal for JOSEFSTADT is to give you the same special experience as with the full edition, with no difference in the services provided.

JOSEFSTADT is a three-day festival taking place at the Fortress Josefov from 12-14 August 2021.

Why Josefstadt?
Josefstadt is the former name of Josefov - a historic fortress town from the 18th century, which was built by the Habsburgs on the orders of Emperor Joseph II.
The military fortress later served as a hospital for the wounded and as a camp, and was occupied for three centuries by different military garrisons, Czechoslovak, Wehrmacht and Soviet.
Josefov has an unmistakable character. A soul. That is why we have been renovating the fortress for several years now.
Josefov as a small town is an exceptional location for the festival. The pentagonal bastion fortifications, the shafts and one of the most extensive underground systems in Europe, the many alleys, squares and associated spaces make it a unique and vast complex designed to accommodate 42,000 people.
This is where the annual Brutal Assault takes place. And this year, Josefstadt!

We're excited to see the outlook for the summer clearing up and so we can now confirm that the small version of Brutal Assault will take place just as last year! This year the event will take its name after Jozefov's original name - JOSEFSTADT. You can look forward to dozens of extreme bands, the same quality of service, and further exploration of the Josefov fortress and its genius loci in three days of August 12-14, 2021.
So do not forget to book this weekend in your calendars and let's enjoy Brutal Assault at least in its smaller version! Next year, hopefully, we will all meet without any restrictions.
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