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Hellsodomy - Masochistic Molestation

Hellsodomy - Masochistic Molestation (Deadbangers, 2014)

Hellsodomy is a four men entity from Turkey and they play fast and uncompromising death metal with lots of thrash and black elements so the final result is DEVASTATING!!!

The tape contains four songs with titles as such: “Menstruation Blood on the Pentagram” or “Satanic Bloodlust” but this is enough to rip your head off. The sound is strong and good, you can hear all instruments clean and you will notice that all musicians handle their instruments extremely well. (I particularly like the hidden bass themes)

The artwork is pretty catchy, red with black, great work, a three handed beast devastates a mosque in flames. It's really nothing groundbreaking and innovative here but the end result is credible and extremely enjoyable. Vomitor, Amputator, Morbosidad fans will be delighted and considering that this is their very first release, my expectations are really high from this band in the future! Great start, let's see what comes next! Buy it or die!

By W666

October, 2014

Rating: 7/10