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Grand Belials Key

Please welcome Gelal from the very best Black Metal band from United States, the outrageously underrated Grand Belial's Key!

Hail! What is the current news about GBK? You have a brand "new" line-up, please introduce the band members to the readers.

-GELAL: It isn't brand new. This line up has played lived many times since Grimnir died. I don't recall the year but we did a show in Chicago with this line up at least 5 or 6 years ago. Then we played the Open Air Festival in Lieto, Finland with a shitload of people.

What's happened with the old members and why did you put to ice GBK in the last 5-6 years?

-GELAL: The hordes regrouped after the passing of Grimnir and we acquired a new vocalist Unhold and new drummer Ulfhedinn. It was time to incorporate more like-minded and more dedicated individuals to the cause. We've known and respected these members for many years before they became full-time thugs. Lots of events occurred during that past 10 years but none were band related. This is not a full-time activity for us.

How was your concert at Hells Headbash 3? Your last concert was in 2010 in Finland, right? What's happened meanwhile, how was the reaction from the public?

-GELAL: HHB3 went really well, lots of fans from many parts of the world and a really good sound. A week before that we played in Kuopio and in Helsinki. All 3 gigs were full of energy like always. This line-up is very strong and is able to perform live with the same intensity heard in our records.

Before HH3 you have had a concert in Finland in July @ Apocalyptic Rites festival. Is Finland the best place for GBK?

-GELAL: That festival was really sick and we were the only non-Finnish band invited to play. Both gigs were really extreme and in my opinion only able to happen in that country. Top-notch organization. But it would make sense to ask attendees what they thought of our performance. They're usually surprised we look like a bunch of jocks instead of black glam rock divas in spandex.

How hard is to organize a GBK gig in US, comparing with Europe, did you faced any troubles? It seems that Finland and Italy are the only places in Europe where could organize "politically incorrect" events, right? Maybe in Eastern Europe.

-GELAL: We just played a major festival in America (if not the biggest underground festival next to MDF) without any problems, and honestly we've been playing up and down the states since 1992. I can't recall a gig that has ever been canceled due to GBK. It is only when you plan to play a gig in a very leftist and liberal region of the world that the populace begins to menstruate. Canada, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, etc. We could probably play in Mexico, Brazil and in Chile with less trouble and no one would be offended (I know because we've been offered to play there numerous times). Eastern Europe is on our plans and has been for many, many years. In fact, most of our correspondence in the old days was from places like Poland, etc.

Antifa just canceled this weekend the Graveland concert @ Messe des Morts VI in Montreal. What's your feeling about this?

-GELAL: Considering that we were thinking about playing this festival in 2017, I have to say it is an inconvenience. These people are really uneasy due to the recent elections in the U.S. and similar political tendencies across Europe. Liberals are threading their own noose.

After this I read on Militant zone a very nice article: "Even more ridiculous than SJW-warriors, trying to be holier that the pope, are those metalheads who will find you 99 excuses why their favorite band is not "Nazi". Does anybody seriously think that media reporters or leftists will even bother to read the texts or listen to your music (which sounds like noise to most people anyway?) Don't be silly, nobody gives a shit if you are "only a bit" nationalist or a full-scale "Nazi thug"; nobody makes a difference between racism, "racialism" and "identitarianism" (wtf does this even mean?); between alt-right, new-right and far-right.

-GELAL: All I know is that I don't support transgender bathrooms or homosexuals adopting orphans, and stupid shit like that. Label me whatever you want. Fuck George Soros as well.

You stand for traditional values, you oppose liberal brainwashing, multiculturalism, mass immigration, pedophilia and other not so funny things – bang – you've been labeled a Hitler supporter, welcome to the club!

-GELAL: That sounds like a cool club to be in. Cowards favor all that is wrong with society. Historical guilt is one of the incurable diseases western man has been stricken with.

So it is not about being Nazi or not, it's about having some dignity and not be willing to kneel before moralists of all sorts. That concerns not only fans but bands as well.

-GELAL: All I know is that the FUNderground is a general assembly of leftwing cocksuckers that secretly adore cultural Marxism.

"If you accept shame to avoid war, you will end having both" – Churchill once said.That is what happens when people think that they can settle the things down by explaining themselves.Your excuses are never enough for your enemies to accept you, but they are just enough for you to lose your friends' respect.

-GELAL: We don't respect lesbians or anarchists no matter if they put up a good argument so I guess it makes sense.

If I'm not wrong you never played in Eastern Europe, why? No interest from organizers or other logistically reasons?

-GELAL: We tried very hard to play in Poland but for one reason or other we were unable to make concrete plans. It is our goal to play in the Europe that hasn't been feminized yet.

What do you think about the "Judeobeast Assassination" & "Mocking The Philanthropist" picture LP reissues by Drakkar ? Are you satisfied with the result? "Kosherat" will be reissued on picture LP too? Do you like picture vinyls? Are you collecting records?

Which album is your personal favorite from your discography and why?

-GELAL: I haven't seen them personally since I'm overseas at the moment but I'm sure they look and sound killer. . Strong Survive Records in the U.S.A. has been handling our merchandise now for at least 3 or 4 years. Picture discs were the only releases that we did not have so it is very welcome. Kosherat may be released as a picture disc in due time. I used to collect vinyl but I haven't had a record player for at least 20 years. My favorite pieces of vinyl in my collection are probably OZZY Osborne's "Speak of the Devil"; it's a masterpiece. MEGADETH "Peace Sells..." and KING DIAMOND "Abigail".

You last album was released in 2005! I think it's time for a new full length! What do you think?

-GELAL: We don't work with schedules or any pressure from the labels. If we feel that it is time for another release, and that this release can stand up to the previous records, then we'll consider it. Perhaps it is time to disturb the peace again. Like they say "no news is good news".

"Weltenfeind" is one of the best split albums ever recorded, do you have plans to release other split albums, maybe the "Weltenfeind pt.2" brand new songs with the same bands?

-GELAL: There are no releases planned at the moment but I agree it was a very strong split. Teaming up some of the most hated bands in the scene is always a party pooper.

GBK is the best USBM band and one of the best metal bands ever, sadly you never got the recognition from mainstream, because you refused to sign with a major label. Do you regret something from the past?

-GELAL: The only bigger label that was at some point interested in us was CACOPHONOUS RECORDS in England. However, they were skeptical about our newer material ("A Witness to the Regicide" ep) since we had disposed of Lord Fag Pussyferian. I think they were aiming at a glam rock black metal GBK in the vein of their other "artists". 

The contract they had sent us for review was lengthy like a Bible and we were and are an underground band. There were clauses in there about photo shoots and appearances at records stores and what not. Basically, we would have been touring with Cradle of Filth or something like that had we signed this pile of shit.

Our contract with Drakkar was like one paragraph. As far as regrets with the band are concerned, I'm not sure I can think of one at the moment.

You are a great football fan (I wrote football, not soccer) as me. What is your favorite team? Are you going to matches, or only watching on TV? I love Italian football especially AC Milan, but I really love the Argentinian football too, I'm a supporter of Independiente, I hope you are not a Racing fan haha.

-GELAL: I'm actually a Racing fan but it's not the one you're thinking of even though they have the same colors and origins. My team plays in the 4th division. Back in 1983, however, our Club Atletico Racing sent the other Racing Club de Avellaneda to relegation with a score of 4-3 in Buenos Aires. I'm actively involved in the hardcore supporter group that follows the team. Italian football, English football, and Spanish football are the best to watch for sure.

You lived in Argentina few years back, please tell me some crazy stories about football matches in Argentina, old school hooliganism, fights between team's supporters etc.

-GELAL: The shit is crazy. You never know if you're going to come home alive or not. Riots, stabbings, shootings, police chases, and all that good shit happens from time to time. From being hit with batons and bitten by dogs, carrying flags, flares, drums, booze, guns, and pyrotechnics, it's never a dull moment.

What is your opinion about the US elections and the hysteria about the new president?

-GELAL: Hysteria is right. We'll have to wait and see what happens and how it influences the rest of the world.

 Will change something from next year, or the fall of modern times just proceed?

-GELAL: I have no idea.

Please share some news about Arghoslent, it's time for a new album too!

-GELAL: Riffs are always brewing and there's no lack of lyrical matter. It must fully ferment first. We don't announce this kind of stuff. It just hits you whenever you least expect it; like hurricane Katrina in the ghetto.

Many thanks for your time & answers, best wishes from Transylvania!

-GELAL: Look out for our demos on CD/LP to be released by W.T.C. Productions in Germany.


by Mirgilus, 2016 November