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Dracula - Black Wings Over Transylvania

Dracula - Black Wings Over Transylvania 7” Ep (Heavy Chains Records, 2014)

After the little stir in the deep underground with a debut demo last year, Tasmania’s DRACULA is back with a 7” vinyl release. 2 songs, 10+ minutes. The cover shows the band members performing a ritual with a goat skull and candles. Well, it is better than psychedelic blue whirls or vintage clothed retro rockers.

The first song “Black Wings if Transylvania” sounds more 80s than anything done in the 80s. It sounds almost as 1930…Forget big shots like Ghost, Blue Pills and friends, this is old and gloom and vintage as possible! The guitar sounds like it was exhumed from an old tomb, the vocals or not of this world, the production is even more crypt-like than the previous tape. Dark heavy metal mostly inspired of Mercyful Fate / NWOBHM, especially the vocals are total King Diamond-worship.

“The Baroness” opens the B side of the 7”. Semi-acoustic minor chords, with ritualistic vocals, then comes a riff like inspired by Death SS, very doomy and heavy and with a horror atmosphere, not many bands are capable of. This second song stays in the slow/mid-tempo range, sometimes reminding me of Denial of God.

Despite any influence/worship, Mercyful Fate/Death SS veneration, both songs are very well written. The sound is old school as inferno, the cover is hellish, the songs are at least as good than those on the debut tape. Slowly, I will have an urge to listen to a Dracula full-length. Those who you send the middle-finger to new In Solitude, new Tribulation, you should check these Tasmanians.  People into old fashioned crypt heavy metal should check upon Dracula.

rating: 8/10

by Rob

May 2015