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Denial Of God - Death And The Beyond

Denial Of God - Death And The Beyond (Hells Headbangers, 2012)

2012 was supposed to be the end of the world according to many people, we could see speculations, movies and prophecies regarding that year. Well like every year, it actually was the end of the world for many people who die every day. If you are reading this review it means you too survived and you can have few more thoughts about life and death before the end of your world.

Death and the beyond, we could talk days about this topic so let's see what is the Danish master's vision about it! It's an 8 song material with the playing time of over one hour.

"Veni Spiritus" invokes the spirits and opens the gateway on which we enter the spiral. It is time to start the journey, come spirits!

"Funeral" deals with the earthly process of the funeral itself, mid tempo song with really great riffs and guitar solos, Ustumallagam's voice is like a putrid corpse screaming in agony, perfectly synchronized with the lyrics and carefully planned, great vocal and musical skills through the whole album. One good riff after the other, one superb solo after the other so i will not mention every riff or solo, just listen to it and you'll hear what I mean.

"Behind the Coffin's Lid" is a fast song, the vibration is higher here, the stress, the confusion is growing, the body remains trapped in the coffin while still alive, the necrophiliac will pay some attention to your desirable dead body.

Death ,this subject is so mysterious and everyone is interested and has an opinion about it. The ancient Egyptians  after thousands of years of research including the use of psychedelics had a pretty good idea about what is really going on and we meet the same knowledge, the same ideas here in "The Cursed Chamber" which starts as an ancient ceremony to worship the great god Amon-Ra and we hear about life just being a doorway to another life. These are the thoughts of a presence which is immortal, always there watching and delivering death and destruction, controlling the events in this reality and the one beyond!

 "Bones Turn to Dust" presents the ordeals of the soul regarding the loved ones, the feeling of loss and the reunion by fire.  The whole feeling culminates in "Black Deathe" where the conscious soul is present as death himself torturing every living being. This suggests that there is an ancient evil force which goes forward in time, connected to us, part of us. It can also represent the great feeling of immortality, once you feel like a god, you can play god.

"Pendulum Swings" is the closing song, in my opinion the best song on this album but the whole material makes sense as a whole, a great experience over and over again.

We are vibration, energy in the spiral of reality, you can be good or evil, both are essential for the equilibrium, it's your choice which side you're on, in the end it's all part of the same illusion. When the skies turn black and there is nowhere to hide, when the real forces who control the world show themselves and the end is near, run to the mountains, "Go To The Hollow Hills!"

Both CD and Cassette look amazing (I don't have the vinyl), there is a lot of quality stuff in this release, it takes some time to discover it all.

Of course, these are all my personal opinions and the songs might not mean what I believe, might not connect in the same way as I believe, but since I believe what I want, for me this is one of the best albums in the Black/Horror or whatever Metal genre EVER!!!

by w666

rating: 10/10

March, 2015