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Dark Bombastic Evening 7

Finally something great will happen this August in Transylvania, Romania. 18, 19, 20 August 2016 / Alba Iulia Fortress, Transylvania, Romania

Dark Bombastic Evening once again in Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár) Fortress, same architectural style, sema era like the well known Jozefov Fortress in Jaromer.

Very nice place, no big crowds, familiar atmosphere, just check this video:

Beside the beautiful place the most important thing is that finally a festival with top notch artists, important players of the actual underground scene like King Dude, Spiritual Front, Vemod, Death in Rome, In The Woods..., ok we have here in the line-up some trendy shit like Batushka, Jess and the ancient ones and other hipster wannabe's, but who cares, this artists also on the top of their career.

I was at the first edition of DBE when was organized in a nice club in Bucharest (Silver Church?), this year I will going for King Dude especially (and not only). The sad news is: they have no day tickets available....

So if you have already bored with metalhead meetings, maximum rocks with eluveitie, korpiklaani, bucovina and other tingli-tangli pop music you must have to go to DBE to see some real underground heroes, real artists with edge!

for every important info, please check the DBE official website, or the official FB page: