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Cross Of Black Steel


CROSS OF BLACK STEEL magazine is a Transylvanian zine dedicated exclusively to the underground side of the Black Metal scene! On the pages of my zine you can find only bands for which I reserve credits due to their music, underground activities and attitude! The aim of this zine is nothing but to satisfy my need of supporting bands whom records are played on my turntable and nothing more...

Issue # 3 2011
Interviews: Apati, Arghoslent, Arkha Sva, Barathrum, Black Beast, Black Crucifixion, Comatose Vigil, Deinonychus, Der Sturmer, Dornenreich, Forgotten Tomb, Gelsomina / Sick Seed, Goat Semen, Hellish Crossfire, Hiems, Horna, Imperium Dekadenz, Incriminated, Ligfaerd, Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Monarque, Municipal Waste, Nastrond, Necros Christos, Nekrokrist SS, Nocturnal, Non Opus Dei, October Falls, Sadogoat / Sadomator, Sathanas, Uncelestial / Uncreation's Dawn, Van Records, Witchtrap, Woods of Infinity, A4 format, pro-printed, 56 pages, English written.

Issue # 2 (SOLD OUT!) 
Featuring interviews with: Archgoat, The Ruins Of Beverast, Diaboli, Exordium, Morbosidad, Secrets Of The Moon, Horror Records/Denial Of God, Tymah, Obtest, Metsatoll, Skyforger, Helrunar, Primordial, Nachtmystium, Capricornus and reviews. 44 A4 format pages. Professionally printed (not xeroxed), great lay-out, all in glorious black & white, English language. Limited to 600 copies.



Issue # 1 (SOLD OUT!)
Featuring interviews with: Tormentor of Desaster, Satanic Tyrant Werewolf of Satanic Warmaster, Serpent of Annihilatus, Mr. Northwind, Black Horizons, Shamaatae of Arckanum, Ildjarn, Strigoi Mort of Musta Surma, Jens Pedersen of Church Bizarre & Victimizer, Mikko Aspa of Clandestine Blaze, Aki of Utgard, Erik Danielsson of Watain and detailed, long reviews (LP, CD, MC). 44 A4 pages. Professionally printed (not xeroxed), great lay-out, black and white artwork, English language. Limited to 500 copies, special A3 poster as bonus.

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