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Cold Cave - first time in Romania

Live in Bucharest, 2017.04.08

Cold Cave is the moniker for the music of Wesley Eisold based in Los Angeles and New York City whose music is described as a "collage of darkwave, noise, and synthpop".

Cold Cave is essentially a solo project by former Give Up the Ghost and Some Girls frontman Wesley Eisold. While there have been other people contributing to Cold Cave either on tour or in the studio since its conception, Eisold doesn't consider any of them to be official band members. On the subject of band members, Eisold said in an interview, "I struggle with the word 'member' because there are no 'members' of Cold Cave. It's just me. I've collaborated with many people. Some were extremely worthwhile and others were extremely worthless, and I've come to the point where I'm more comfortable doing things by myself."

Cold Cave live in Control: