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Cemitério - Cemitério

Cemitério - Cemitério (Goatprayer Records / Kill Again, 2015)

My first thought of the name „CEMITÉRIO” was what a cool name and this must be some good old primitve stuff! Partly true...

Old school thrash/death metal like in the 80s we got here on this 27 minutes long (or short) debut album, released first on Tape format and later on CD and LP. Not too complicated, with mostly fast nailing drums, direct riffs and a voice from beyond the grave. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, as you could guess, the biggest influence here is the 80s Brazilian extreme metal, a lot of early Sepultura type-of riffing, but don’t forget more putrid sounds like Vulcano or Sarcofago or US cult acts like Possessed, Death, Autopsy.

The opening/intro build-up with its doomy eerie tunes made me enthusiastic, then the first real song „A Volta Dos Mortos Vivos” bursts in with its primitive death metal. A speedy track in vein of early Death / Autopsy, but without having those magical twists.

The tracks have no big differences, almost all tunes just goes fast without too much variation, and I know this is exactly what some people need, but for me its too monotone, a bit of more variation, tempo-change, anything would have been welcome! „Asilo Sinistro” is maybe an except, because of its haunting slow doomy parts, maybe they can come up with more slabs like that in the future. Another good tune is „Sexta Feira 13” with nice Autopsy guitar-work.

One of the interesting things here is that all the 11 tracks are referring to classic horror movies, like Friday 13, Night of the Living Dead, Cannibal Holocaust, etc. The other intresting part is that all music was written and recorded individually by one Hugo Golon and as far as I know one-man-bands are not too common in Death/Thrash Metal. Anyway, since then I saw videos on YouTube Cemitério performing live with a full line-up, so things could sound better for the future:

Recommended for fans of the early Brazilian extreme movement, fans of horror movies and why not, fans of really early Death, Master, Sepultura, you know who you are!

Rating: 6/10

by Rob

December 2015