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Bölzer - Soma

BÖLZER - Soma (Invictus Productions, 2014)

Down to the bone BÖLZER is a black/death metal band, even a duo in the now-fashionable way (see Inquisition, Urfaust), but they are complex and classy enough to avoid clichés, and their clever sophistication bought them admiration lately.

There’s an evocative feeling and a lot of instinctual force in their music. This brand of dark haunting extreme metal is having a kind of hype in recent underground years. Bölzer is not 100% original, not even 50%, actually they are a kind of Quentin Tarantino of extreme metal, taking influence from several acts, although channeling their influences into a powerful fresh entity.  And it works so damn well! A lot of bands came to my mind listening to “Soma” or the previous effort “Aura”: Inquisition, Necros Christos, Triptykon, The Ruins of Beverast, Incantation, Diocletian, Teitanblood, Ash Pool, but the main influence here is CELTIC FROST. Twisting riffs, sudden breaks, intuitive aggression, darkness and the will of the band to go into the details of the problem and the will to do something more elaborated and even the Tom Warrior-types of “uuuughh” vocals at the theme-changings are reminiscent of the Swiss legend. Of course BÖLZER has an updated sound (just like Triptykon has also...), but doesn’t fall into a tribute band, as guitarist/vocalist KzR has also fresh ideas.

While the previous EP “Aura” was more ritualistic and hypnotic, Soma is further precise and war-like. “Steppes” has even a bit of the instinctive hammering of Autopsy. Despite its influences, mini-album  “Soma” is still one of the best releases in the scene for 2014. Gloomy and massive riffs, visceral aggression and the will to craft great songs make this band apart.  Seeing them live I had the chance to experience the gripping force this brutal troop can make. Now the world wants to see Bölzer bringing the full-length. Expectations are high, but the band potentials are encouraging.

rating: 8/10

written by Rob

April, 2015