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Bilskirnir - Wotan Redivivus

Bilskirnir - Wotan Redivivus (Darker Than Black, 2013)

Let me clarify something: real art (music, painting, sculpture, everything which is art) can’t be politically correct. If you are so stupid and limited your brain with mainstream social antifa washer, you will never have a chance to listen such a great album like this, because Bilkirnir is a leader of the NSBM movement. Your problem.

“Wotan Redivivus” (Wotan Reborn) is one of the best metal albums from 2013, the 4th full length release after six years from the last one “Wotansvolk”. Bilskirnir is an one man band by Widar (he’s playing on all instruments), he is also very active with the other solo work called Ødelegger (German answer for Ildjarn).

From the first track to the end this album is full with fantastic songs, just listen the “Never Dying Light” powerful, hypnotic and melodic. The whole album is full with mid-tempo battle songs with pride, sometimes with sadness and melancholy. The sound is also powerful maybe a bit still, but it’s not a drama. The title track is a folk song inspired trance, travel song.

“Der Wolkenwanderer” a beautiful acoustic guitar track before the album’s absolutely highlight “Vorväter” a more than 7 minutes, slow, painful song with Vikernes style vocals. If the “Söhne Muspells” is not can’t be moved you are or dumb, or you just do not like good music, simple. My favorite is “As This World Ends” lyrics and music walks hand in hand, this could be the Bilskirnir’s ars poetica:

“When this world has come to an end
and all life faded away
when all the gods have died
and only chaos remains

When the sun sank below into the sea
what will be left
when the final battle has been fought?

Will there be new life
born into a new world?
Will there be new light
born out of darkness?

What life will have meant
if we ceased to exist?
Is there a second spring
for our kind in sight?

As this world ends
the cycle will be closed
the dawning of a new golden age
born from Ragnaroks flames”

Melancholy, sadness with lots of questions. These lyrics are offensive? I don’t think so. The artwork is simple and beautiful, not trendy photoshop manipulated pc shit. The only thing which is not the best is the vocal, too monotonous I hope next time will be more varied.


By Mirgilus, 2014 April, rating: 9/10