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Ascension - New Ep & new album!

Ascension - Deathless Light & The Dead of the World

In celebration of the cold and dark months ahead, the time has come to announce Ascension´s first audial sign of Death in four years. On Samhain of year 14, "Deathless Light" shall shine upon thee. Released by the World Terror Committee (, the 2-song EP features the title track which is a song from the new album and as such a foreboding of the things to come at the end of the year. Furthermore the track "Garden of Stone" was recorded exclusively for this release.

The EP will be available as of October, 31st as 12“ LP, CD and Digital although the vinyl version might take a little bit longer due to the generally increased manufacturing times. The front cover, drawn by David Glomba, can be seen here.

With faith in our hearts and fire in our eyes we proclaim the second coming of Ascension. Baptized as "The Dead of the World", the 2nd album will be released on the 24th of December 2014 through the World Terror Committee ( Furthermore, the album will be handled by Season of Mist in North America.

"The Dead of the World" consists of the following 7 tracks:

1. The Silence of Abel
2. Death's Golden Temple
3. Black Ember
4. Unlocking Tiamat
5. Deathless Light
6. The Dark Tomb Shines
7. Mortui Mundi 

Light a candle, set the world on fire.
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