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Anguish - Doomkvädet, new album, necro doom from Sweden

Anguish formed in 2007 in Uppsala, Sweden and released 3 full length albums and some splits and Eps. The first 2 albums were released by the American Dark Descent Records, the 3rd came out through the German High Roller.
Now they found a new home at Sun & Moon Records, the first collaboration will be the band's 4th album "Doomkvadet"!

Sharp, twisted, murky and cold like a foggy November night "Doomkvädet" cuts through flesh and makes damage to the bones.
Though the riffs has a classic Swedish doom metal touch, the guitar tone and production
is more dirty and thick and the overall feeling is more cavernous.
While there are epic melodies, the vocalist is more Quorthon or Cronos, than Messiah.
Very unique and unusual, but well working blend of traditional doom with a more sinister, necro touch.
This is music from the grave!
Necro Doom, as they say!
Sorrowed, haunting music with chilling, evil atmosphere not many bands can produce!

"Doomkvädet" is a call from the grave, that will be on many Top 2021 lists!