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Do you remember Aeternus from Norway from the 90’s? “Beyond the Wandering Moon” and “…and so the Night Became” are all time classic metal releases from Norway! After 7 years of silence Aternus are back with a new album and they are active again on stages too, so last year I met with Ares (the main man behind this legendary band) at the Brutal Assault Festival. Before their crushing Stage Club concert we have had a fine chat in the backstage. Sadly my Blackberry sometimes stopping recording that fine conversation, but finally you can read a very interesting talk with past, present and future about Aeternus! Enjoy! 

Nice to meet you, how do you feel in Czech Republic?

We drink a beer now, came in last night and the city looking very good which I have seen.

If I’m not wrong you are first time in CZ.

Ahm, I’m not really sure about this I have been earlier in early 90s, so this is the second time.

I’m from Transylvania, Romania from Mirgilus Siculorum zine & Cross of Black Steel zine , it’s hard black metal zine both in the old school way. You will play on the Club Stage, that was your choose or is just unintentional?

I don’t know, our agent organizing everything about concerts, etc we check the stage on pictures which we got it, got some links on youtube about the venue.

Last year we seen on Club Stage Inquisition, Shape of Despair and was very ok, the sound is good, the audience is ok, absolutely the club feeling.

This could be very good, doesn’t matter big stage, small stage we could play on both stages, medium stages, will do what we do anyway, not interested if you have in front hundreds of people or less, we are happy with the time with the Club Stage we will do good job.

In the last few years you don’t play too much live, what’s happened with the band?

In the last 7 years we are in silence with lots of practice, composing, some musicians left the band, others coming take some time to get them to the band… Re ally take my time to making new music we wanted to do some concerts to show peoples we are still around and time goes fast you know, ok 7 years have passed than finally we recorded new songs in the studio, for the next album we will not need 7 years again, I hope.

You have lots of re-released stuff in the past few years especially on vinyl.

Yeah the Greek guys from Kyrck Productions made a good job with the first Ep Dark Sorcery and demo.

I’m not listened the new album yet, tell me something about the new songs, directions comparing with previous releases

I think we managed a good album, I tried to get back to old stuff, that was very successful, lots of people feel the old stuff in it, of course we tried to step ahead to be original, but I think over all what make interesting to people like it, we spend lot of time taking the songs apart and putting back together to optimal and never worked alone any song before show the result, sounds like some old stuff like in the 90s maybe older stuff, I think this mix with new kind of things, we have a new guitarist put some leads into songs, which we never did this before really, the new drummer gave new breath to the whole picture you know.

I’m listening your band’s music from the first Ep Dark Sorcery, I would like to ask you, which release is your personal favorite from your discography and please do not say the new album hahaha

That’s a very easy answer because, I can say easily “Shadows of Old” that was a kind of braking point after the first two album.

You signed with the Norwegian Dark Essence Records for the new album.

They did things very quickly, they grove as a label, very easy to be in contact with him, the negotiations is professionally be done and the people are behind of DE do what they do just very well and they give attention for artists they are Norwegians and this also very good for a Norwegian band, easy communication with lots of Bergen bands and the label is also from Bergen.

How it’s the life in Norway? Tell me the best and the worst things to be a Norwegian.

I love my country, I really don’t care about politicians and politics, I really love my own city the religion is very powerful in Norway but I don’t care about and their influence in politics and other social things are the worst thing and I’m not doing anything against. I’m a musician. The best thing is the heritage the stories of forefathers are very powerful for me and the nature of course is definitely the best thing.

Are you in contact with bands from the past from the 90’s era, especially old bands.

Depends who it is, I’m not in contact with lot of bands, of course we are from Bergen and we know each other’s from the Bergen scene, I’m the alone guy so I have not too much time to be in contact with other bands, I really like to talk with other people with musicians and friends from Bergen, but I’m not that kind a person to asking about bands which I’m not heard of it, I don’t care and I’m just not put too much time and energy to have knowledge about the metal society, but I’m stay in touch with bands involved it in the past, for sure.

You define your style as Dark Metal, what did you mean dark metal? Why not Norwegian Dark Black Metal?

That is because I never saw and I’m not see Aeternus as a black metal band, we don’t write any satanic stuff, satanic ideology things. So lyric wise not, maybe musically yes, to me black metal must have the massage, death metal also wrong to me, we tried to be death metal in the beginning, when we first came with the “Beyond the wandering moon”, in 1995 with Dark Sorcery we needed other classification and we came out with Dark metal which is better than Death Metal, or Black metal, we came out with dark metal because this is the word with we can classified Aeternus, dark atmosphere, dark feeling , this word just better.

How popular is Aeternus in Norway?

I don’t know, people are know about us, about our music, but seriously I have no idea…

My friend Rob was in Norway in 2010 and he met some metal guys and they do not heard about Burzum or Darkthrone, so…

It’s not their fault, it’s just how the way it is, but it is not important for me , I’m just want to make music, releasing music I want to play for people, it’s a lifestyle, if our music sells, it’s ok for me, my music don’t pays my bills, it’s not about money, just feeling heart and soul and doing something to love.

Do you have a regular job?

Yes, sure I work, I have a job. Of course some bands are successful and they sell a lot, good for them I’m not annoying any bands about it, some are deserve it, some not, people of course start talking about “it’s not underground anymore, or becoming too big, too mainstream etc” just stupid, if black metal, extreme music become popular is normal and ok. To me underground is mentality, if you think Wacken is too big, stay away from that fest, if you think Satyricon is too big, ok stop buying their albums.

So, so you are back, what is your plans? Do you will touring with the new album?

Now we have some discussions with our booking agent about festival concerts , we have some discussions with some bands I won’t to mention any names, nothing is arranged and negotiated yet but we are interested in a mini tour, we’ll see. We would like to play as much as possible, trying to promoting the new album and after we make new songs of course for the 8th album, in January-February next year trying to put together new songs. Now trying to do many shows and festivals this summer.

What can we except from this show tonight?

What Aeternus delivered as always. Good music, lots of aggression, nice performance.

A theoretically question:  if you can make a super-group behind you, name few musicians whose you would like to add this group:

Ok, just for fun, well Ihsahn will made the music and playing the guitar, on drums will play Pete Sandoval and on bass Glenn Benton and for vocals too hehe.

Awesome band haha and what will be the music style

Death metal? or something like that, I don’t know.

Do you listening new music are you searching for new bands?

I heard some new bands but I can’t name any new bands, and I’m not looking for new music, and I don’t know any bigger names too. I’m a musician and listening old shit.

We are from Transylvania and I’m always asking this question: what do you know about Transylvania?

I think you know the answer of course  haha, everybody will talking about Dracula, I was never in Romania, Transylvania but I should go, it’s enough for me, I like to travelling visiting new places, different countries, and I don’t know much about it but it’s very interesting culture, the history, but too much stuff beyond Dracula I don’t know.

On the first 3 albums you have had in your line up Morrigan a beautiful girl, what’s happened with her?

She quit the band in 2000, she would like to go to different ways more r’n’r  not that extreme music, late back the bassing, she got tired with touring. Now she is a model, she does plays bass but not metal.

Name a single band which you think the best band from Norway!

Very simple, to me is Immortal, music, attitude everything, the perfect band to me!

By Mirgilus, 2013 August