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Abysmal Grief / Runes Order split 12" LP

Italian Doom Metal Records is pleased and proud to announce the release of a split 12" LP between Abysmal Grief and Runes Order.

This vinyl edition will be limited to 500 copies (200 X Grey Vinyl + 300 X Black Vinyl), some copies will come with a strictly limited certificate handsigned by both bands. The release date is scheduled to April 13th .

Description :

Side A - Hymn Of The Afterlife

The Abysmal Grief, historical lords of Italian Dark Sound, propose an Horror/Dark Ambient track conceived as a hymn to the afterlife and to the tragic fate that our frail, short lives share. Death is a lady and noble Queen. She is the destiny of every man.

Side B - Snuff The Nun

The Italian master of experimental music, Claudio Dondo, proposes with his Runes Order an Horror/Dark Ambient song with a gothic decadent atmosphere. The track is a macabre hymn to pleasure and blasphemy portraying the profanation of the sacred through SNUFF rituals of which the artist is a follower and faithful admirer. Alex De Siena, who was his partner in the Star Matter project, is both the singer and the priestess performing the rite.

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