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This section on reviews link is dedicated for special recommendations by me, or by Rob. We will recommend in every week some old, forgotten and dusty releases which are very close to our hearts, mostly vinyls of course, not detailed long reviews just some good, straight to the point recommendations!

So here is the first one from 2006:

Denial Of God – A Night In Transylvania (Painkiller Records – PKR-061) 


Heavy black vinyl limited to 400 copies only! The A side contains the title track, one of the best horror black metal song ever written and recorded: A Night In Transylvania, hunted riffs, creepy feeling and crushing guitar works and fine tempos. This song also included on the first album tracklist, one of the trade marks of this Danish horror freaks.

On the other side you can listen a Future Tense cover, a very rocking track Swords Of Vengeance in totally DOG style, Hail Satan! On the cover of this EP is a picture from the legendary Dracula movie by Lugosi Béla! My cover contains dedications and autugraphs from Ustu & Azter, great memories from a special night in Transylvania.

Painkiller Records is no more, some copies you can fined on ebay, or in discogs! Let's try:

by Mirgilus, 2014 March